40 A Creature That Ate The Star

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Ever since No. 13 Craybow Trade Enclave had communicated with the Administrator, its status among all the Craybow Trade Enclave had risen.

The space station, which originally only had a trading function, was equipped with many new facilities with the strong support of the headquarters.

Similar to observation units, research institutes, and diplomatic agencies, departments had also set up branches here to study all the actions of the lost robotic empire.

The person in charge of this place, Blenning, also rose in value. He once regarded returning to the headquarters as his greatest honor, but now he felt that it was good to stay here.

Because of this, he proposed to the headquarters to continue staying.

Although his current identity was only the manager of a trading enclave, after contributing the flesh and blood ascension technology, his position had a feeling of being below the director and above everyone else.

Even the managers of the other trade enclave businesses had to watch his moods.

And this naturally made Blenning a little smug, as if he had met the most important person in his life.

Today, he was very comfortable on the top floor of the casino, enjoying the treatment that could only be enjoyed in the top club in the headquarters. He was very happy with his relaxed life during this period of time.

However, one of his men suddenly rushed in and whispered to him,

"Manager, our observation unit here has observed a strange movement in a nearby star. Its brightness is rapidly decreasing, and it seems to be showing signs of extinguishing."

When Blenning heard this news, he didn't even raise his eyes and lazily said,

"So? What does this have to do with us? Birth, aging, illness, and death in the universe are normal. Even stars will come to an end one day, and we need to get used to this scene."

"Uh... It's not like that. According to the speculations of the research institute, they think that this kind of extinguishing is not a normal situation. It seems that something is grabbing the material of the star and directly leading to the death of the star..."

Blenning finally raised his head, but the laziness in his eyes didn't change much.

"Just tell me, why did they spend so much money to get you to come to me? You should know that I've never liked to hear this kind of news."

The subordinate trembled, and cold sweat quietly drenched his back. He swallowed his saliva and said with difficulty,

"They think that this may be the prelude to a huge threat and want the headquarters to send more senior scientists to study it. However, they also know that they are not convincing enough, so they want to ask you to come forward..."

"Ha! What a joke! You think you can get him just because I'm here?" Blenning sneered, and his tone made his men lie on the ground, not daring to look at him.

"The headquarters are currently researching a key technology that can allow even the dead to work. It's impossible for them to spare the manpower to deal with such a small matter. Do you want me to lose my dignity at the headquarters?"

"I... I don't dare..."

"Go back and tell those guys that I'm not paying for them to use on such a stupid thing! Switch your focus to the Administrator!

"I'm going to check their results after a while. Those who don't meet the requirements don't have to eat at the company. Mining Station No. 3 is more suitable for them.

"As for you... In the future, just guard the door properly and don't come to see me again."

The crouching subordinate nodded his head, trembling. In the end, he crawled out of the place.

Blenning kept shaking his head, sighing at the fact that he didn't have any useful subordinates.

"If only everyone could be like Mao Xiong and make me worry less..."

Mao Xiong, who was dozing off in the security room, suddenly sneezed and almost fell off his chair.

He touched his head with drowsy eyes and fell asleep again.

At that moment, everything was normal in the trading station. However, the galaxy that was mentioned before was on the countdown.

The star in the center of the galaxy was extremely dim, like a patient with cancer.

Logically speaking, all the planets in the galaxy would enter an endless Ice Age due to the rapid drop in heat they received.

But it was still in the same state as before, as if another heat source providing energy was comparable to a star.

In the end, the star was completely extinguished in a faint flash, declaring its death.

However, behind the debris of the star, another huge luminous body was slowly rising.

The planet was warming up because of its appearance. If it was at this temperature, there might be a planet that could give birth to life.

However, the luminous body had no intention of stopping. It followed its instinct and continued to move to the next galaxy with food.

The luminous body gradually went further and further away until it disappeared. The planet here had also entered a permanent state of ice with a temperature of -200 degrees celsius.

Since then, all civilizations had moved the light out of the star map because they could not observe it.

This place had also fallen into a true deathly silence.

An observation station far away in the No. 13 Craybow Trade Enclave had observed the abnormal demise of the galaxy.

However, due to the orders from their superiors, they could only record this incident in a hurry and focus their energy on the lost empire of the Administrator.

It didn't take long for a group of indigenous people in a galaxy named Bott to also observe the death of the star.

"According to reports, the Neighboring Star, which had abnormal fluctuations two years ago, has officially been confirmed to be extinguished.

"Experts say that this is the greatest universal discovery in the past hundred years. We have successfully witnessed the death of a star.

"Experts say that this discovery might allow us to understand the mysteries of the universe. We might not be alone in this universe!"


A large number of advertising screens around him were all showing the same thing.

In recent years, curiosity and exploration of space had become a trend among people.

Whether it was men, women, the old, the young, scientific researchers, or cleaners, everyone could say a few words to the universe, and they could even say it eloquently. It was as if they had the energy to affect the whole universe.

There were all kinds of space science fiction movies, novels, and games. People stood out from the rest with their wonderful ideas and were popular with the public. This also stimulated people's enthusiasm for the universe.

Everyone was full of yearning and optimism for this unknown sky, as if nothing could stop them from exploring the starry sky.

The people on the street were also discussing the news of the extinguishing of the Neighboring Star. Even the students were the same.

A group of high school students even started to argue about this.

"Do you guys think that the Neighboring Star went out because a huge mass of water poured it out?"

"If your physics teacher heard this, he would be so angry that he would die on the spot. Stars are not burning in the conventional sense..."

"I'm only suggesting a possibility!"

"This is not just 'impossible', it's completely impossible. I recommend that you review the chapter on nuclear fusion instead of arguing here."

"You... Alright, what do you think is going on?"

"Me?" Among the group of students, the person who had been extremely calm all this time smiled and revealed a mysterious expression.

"I think... It's a creature that ate the star."

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