1 He's Left Alone

“go get him!" screeched my mom from the other room, making me sigh. I walked up to find out where my cat was sprawling, and there he was, sipping the placed cup of milk for my sister, "get off, Elle," I commanded my cat to move away. She strolled away as I hit my foot to the corner of the table. "ouch" I squealed. My mom from the other room questioned, "anything wrong, Rich?" well, this was just a starting point of my problems.

I am a short story writer, passive reader, and extraordinarily introspective human being, just like every introvert avoids attention, I did too. But, once I found myself a person that uplifts me to do well in life, I changed moderately full. It all started when I was reading a common writer's book, she was an exceptional writer I was engaged to. But something made me go crazy about her. I read every little detail of her books, it ended up making me inquisitive about the writer’s daughter, she splendidly portrays her. And without my knowledge, I felt the whole novel into my real life. People around me always provoked me for reading more books. But, who knew, that I was a person who loved staying alone and reading for hours and hours. Until I get fed up with the book and that never happened.

It was April, the month of speeding stores for books, I was always the one who waited all night long to get that picky book. I wasn't a fan of fiction or any other comics, but a huge fan of novels, yeah, that sounded pretty uncommon, right? Yes, I love to read novel’s they were always my hiding scene and the most cherished place on the planet for me. While I was purchasing the book, and a sudden push from the crowd, made me fall into the arms of the person next to me. I fell into her arms, the feminine fragrance hit me, her eyes were beautiful, even though I saw them just for a second, they were just like Virgo's eyes. Instead of pulling me away, she questioned, “are you okay?” I was just a random and simple person, with so much going on the inside. I spoke, making a way out for myself, I wondered if she observed my pimples, and the ugly face I carried away, I answered back in a quivering voice, “I’m good.” Walking away from the huge crowd, I heard a comment reaching my ears, “Jamie released a book? Oh my god?” The name felt quite intimate to me, she was someone I have known? Someone I wanted to meet? Maybe? I didn’t know, I just stepped away from the crowd, which made me feel serene.

The blue sky escorted me back to the place I stayed, reading books all day, the place under the bridge, it was the only place where people don’t interrupt you, either come up to you and be like, “Are you hungry?” No, but I was captivated with lasting singly, I was sort of phobic to the world, I felt the world was scary to go and live in, it felt like a war within myself to talk to anybody. I neither had friends nor wanted any, I was always fine with me and Elle, the cat.

After I settled myself under the bridge, as usual, the scenery was so lovely, soundless, amicable, and the beautiful river glistens in front of me. The river always showed me the reflection of myself, either I was a good or bad person, I loved the way nature accepted me in all ways. I flipped the pages of the book, my eyes started tracing the book, my hands traveled to the last page of the book, the words on the last page, surprised me.

"My daughter, Jamie, will take over my novels since this is my last book, I hope you read it with all your enthusiasm, and finally, I thank myself for being patient and hard-working." I already knew that she was aging and had to hand over her work to someone trustable. But the name was the same one I heard from the book store. I thought to myself that it was just a waste of time to delay reading any further, and continued to start reading my book. And, yeah, the book was named "The crisis" it was basically about how the author had to go through her teen. She talked about her life and how it went, I was so interested in her captivating writing, it felt like I was taking myself throughout the whole journey, it was just a great feeling of imagination I couldn't express.

The section I began was previously when the writer was wedded and had her first child, it was a splendid feeling for me to read how her daughter looked like when she was placed near her mother, "her pretty pink lips pressed against my gentle finger, it was just a motherly feeling, 'Is this how it feels like to be a mother?'" The author made my heart flutter by her simple but also tempting language she used. My phone rang, making my heart skip a beat, "come back home, you're new tutor is here," spoke my mother with her high-pitched voice. I was going through the trial errors for my new high school tutors, it wasn't exciting as well, it felt like a talk of anxiety.

I walked back to my home, taking my bag of books. Walking back to my home, I was still glued to the new book. The underground base, where I was staying was just a ten-minute distance from my home. My mom never knew where I went early in the morning, I found this place when I was eight years, I felt like that place was so serene and calm. From back then until I aged nineteen, I stayed here. My mom usually got worried about me staying alone under a bridge, she never knew I stayed under a bridge, after all, she thought I used to go to the book store and sit for hours. But later she got to know about it and got used to me going to the place. I was that one person who was left alone. I hated attention, and it felt like no one cared for me.

I finally reached home, thinking all about it, and that was the moment I saw my Tuition teacher, it was a female teacher, and my mom knew that I hated female teachers, just because I can't speak comfortably. I got my books, feeling evasion, she questioned, "so, what's going on in the college?" I shook my head and responded, "It didn't start though." She chuckled and covered out the embarrassment by herself, "haha, your child is quite humorous." My mom eyed me to behave, while I wasn't interested in the tuition.

I continued to listen to what my teacher taught me, while the only thing I knew was, how to complete the book overnight. Being a teen wasn't an easy task for anyone and me too. It was just a head full of thoughts to focus on something.

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