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Author here! Thank you for checking out my book. This is my first time writing a BL, so don't judge me. I am not used to writing perfect characters. I believe everyone have flaws in both their character and relationship with others and I have tried to show that in all my books. From Mia's rudeness in 'My Crazy Housemates' to Lijuan's self-centeredness in 'In Love With A Klepto' to Sara's sassiness in 'Hello, Mr. Li' to Lisa's wicked nature in Beware: She's A Devil. I hope you enjoy your read. And always remember that even if they are fictional characters, they portray human nature just like you and I. So they can make mistakes, but their growth is what matters. See you there!


@ThatAmazingGirl author, are you Vampire ?! because you keep me sleepless. πŸ€­πŸ˜…πŸ˜ okay now about this novel. this is my second review after completing the novel. all i want to say is...... author, are you a Vampire πŸ˜…πŸ˜… please i request for a part 2 for this novel.. i want the fluffy one with chris in it. this is really beautiful story. where i cried, laughed, felt angry with characters. ofcourse all of them had then shortcomings which makes them relatable abd realistic more than being a fantasy. author if you happen to use social media, please drop the id so i can follow you. i don't know about any great author, but i know your books are fun n relatable n engaging. keep the good work. may god give you good health. ps: plz don't forget to give part2 of this.


That was really amazing I liked the entire story. I’v read some really good books in the same genre, but yours is by the best one one. I think the little twist with Chris actually liking Liam you should do a story with that in mind.


i just never gave a book multiple reviews. but this book n author's work is just exceptional for me, i don't know if i loved any characters more than this noveld's leads. they are flawed,they make me angry, sad n happy for them. @thatamazinggirl, author i think this work of yours is drug, bcz i want more wen i finish each chapter. I just wish to read without an end. lol, ik its not possible but still. tqs for your great work. i luv your dedication ❀️


Interesting and captivating story. Surely both the boys can be annoying at times, but imperfect characters are the best. They're realistic and have a lot of scope for character growth. Looking forward to see how their flip-flop relationship progresses in time. Side characters are interesting as well. Would recommend if you're a patient reader who doesn't mind a slow burn romance. One chapter at a time is too less to satisfy though, perhaps I should let them pile up and read once a week.


Great story...from the first chapter I got interested in this book...Both the Liam and Oliver has a lovely great bonding...also there friends Sophy Harry Amanda are great ..... overall great characters with a lovely heart.... great job author




my dear reader community friends... i just don't want to give any spoilers. so just give a try. just go ahead n read it.. you will be hooked. im just little upset over the fact its only 3 chaps/ week. its been only 20 chapters but im hooked from first chapter.


Story was well built and emotions and vibes were really good...The main characters development was really good...Ending message was great...


Thanks good read so far. I love reading this type of genre - there’ hope for me yet


Reveal spoiler


I'm a fan of all your books... I fell in love with 'Hello Mr Li'. I downloaded webnovel just to read your book. I felt disappointed reading this. I'm actually heartbroken 😭. Please if you are writing any books like. Inform me in the description


Reveal spoiler


Been following this author for a while until I took a break from webnovel and lost access to my previous account. Her books are refreshing. It's my first time reading a BL and I really love it. ❀


I give this book five stars! This book is so interesting right from the first chapter. The author described the characters so vividly that I can easily imagine how they look like. The dialogues are so fun! It's an everyday dialogue that's realistic and totally enjoyable. Overall, I really like the idea of this book that seems fresh. I'll look forward to the next chapters! [img=recommend]