1 Liam Adley

"Hello everyone! Welcome to Sophie's blog. The only legit news blog at Northend Academy. I am guessing you all must be wondering why everyone has been clapping and cheering since that stud with the perfect uniform stepped into the school's hall, so I will be fast about this since I have a class in the next couple of minutes. Join me as we welcome the star player of the soccer team, Liam Adley." 

"Take that camera away from my face, Sophie." Liam looked away when she stood in front of him with her phone's flashlight directly on his face. 

She paused the video and looked at him. "Come on, I have been running low on followers lately. This is going to be big. Just let me do this." She pouted. 

"I have a class." He said with disinterest and tried to walk past her, but she quickly blocked his path, which made him sigh. 

"We attend the same classes." She stressed. "And Mr. Taylor's class was canceled, so we are free until the next hour." She said this with a broad smile. 

He looked relieved that the class had been cancelled, so he began to head towards his locker to change the books he had carried from home for his first class. He ignored everyone's stares or congratulatory greetings as he headed towards his locker. He hadn't been the type to act friendly with everyone, so it wasn't unusual for him to completely ignore them. 

Sophie followed closely and continued her video, but he paid her no mind.

"So as I said earlier, his name is Liam Adley. I'm sure everyone in this town knows that name. And particularly, his name has been ringing everywhere for the past 2 days after the super dope game between Northend's Dragons and the Bats of Southern Creeks where Liam scored the three goals against the Bats and helped the school win the Golden Cup from the Mayor." She squealed excitedly. "Those bastards have been so confident about winning. I guess they are crying somewhere. Well, back to the main thing," 

Liam shut his locker and began to strut towards his classroom, still ignoring the looks he was receiving. Sophie followed him and continued with her blog. 

"So, there were a few questions from my followers the last time, who wanted to know more about Liam, so I will be giving you some answers right now." 

Liam stopped walking and glared at her. "Do not do that." 

Sophie stuck out her tongue to tease him before she continued. 

"A question here wanted to know how old he was. Well, he turned 18 two months ago. Just how tall is he? 6"3 darling." She answered before looking at Liam who was ahead of her, "Or is it 6"4?" She asked Liam, who ignored her. 

"How long have we been friends?" She read out another question.  "Since we were 3 years old."

"Who is his best friend? You or Harry?" She scoffed. "Me definitely, duh!" She flicked her long straight black hair backwards. 

"He has the most beautiful chestnut brown almond eyes. Is he single?" Sophie winked at Liam who looked like he was ready to strangle her to death. "Yes. He is single. But sorry ladies, he is currently not searching." 

The question continued until they got to the class. Some wondered if his medium-length pure white hair was natural, which she told them he liked to dye it white for his own reasons. Some talked about how hot he was and asked about his workout regimen. Most of the questions wanted to know if he was single and his ideal woman, so she skipped it all and went to the last. 

"Does he have siblings? He is an only child, but he has a very adorable cousin. So... I'll end here for today. See you next time on Sophie's blog." She blew a kiss to the camera and turned it off. 

"You know you are really annoying?" Liam asked her when she was done. Sophie's seat was in front of his so she turned to look at him. The empty seat beside him belonged to their other friend Harry who wasn't in yet.

"Why is Harry not here yet? He needs to know he'll be helping me to edit the video I'll be uploading tonight." Sophie complained before picking up the textbook on Liam's desk and raising a questioning eyebrow. 

"Why is this literature?" 

"What are we having?" Liam asked. 


"Shit!" He sighed heavily. So he had to walk back to his locker to take his history textbook? 

"I'll walk you down there. I like to be seen with a star like you!" Sophie said excitedly, and she followed Liam when he left the classroom. 

She noticed the way a lot of eyes watched him. She believed it would all be reduced once he got a girlfriend, but he didn't seem interested in dating anyone. They would have thought he was gay if... 

"Who the fuck left this here?" Liam glowered when he read the note that fell immediately after he opened his locker. Everyone's eyes went to him and wondered what was wrong with him this time. They all knew what a terrible temper their adonis had. 

"Who is the bastard who wrote me a love letter? Or who saw him leave this here?" He asked, looking around angrily like he was ready to beat up someone. 


That's right... He was strictly homophobic. So he was not gay. 

No one answered his question.

 He ripped the note into pieces and threw it all over the floor. "The next time I get a note from one of your fa... weirdos in this school, I am going to beat the shit out of you until you do not remember who the fuck you are." He slammed his locker, causing people to flinch and began to walk away, kicking the trashcan on his way. 

The crowd began to murmur as he walked away. 

"Wow! People never learn. " Harry, who had watched from the side, said. 

"Why are you just arriving now?" Sophie asked before sighing. Liam had scared her just now. 

"Don't you think something has been up with Liam lately? He seems kinda... edgy. " Harry said, ignoring her question. 

"I think so too." She agreed with a nod as she watched his retreating figure. 

"We should better get to class now," Harry suggested.

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