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Because I simply love you


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Though, the novel's first impression centralise in the romance genre. The truth is that the story represents a modern fairy tale of human flaws. Looking from the lenses of a passive character, we'll see deep inside their heart and desire are fighting against their moral and rationality, which makes me stand in a grey area as the story progresses. I admired how the story bravely digs into the depth of human nature shows how there's no purely good or bad of human qualities without any reason. The narrator made one realise how flaw played with the characters decisions in which the author has executed it in a charmingly twisted way with a dramatic frame. There might be some disturbing parts. But I think it is one the gripping part that makes the story ironically beautiful and dark at the same time. I wonder what will happen to them at the end... 🤔

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Please readers don't miss this story. The beautiful thoughts the author shares will definitely influence your life at some tough points where you feel difficulty in taking some decisions. The story tells the purity of a beautiful life.


if you're hesitating to read this, don't! You should never hesitate! I admit at first I was skeptical, I tried to guess what will be the plot in the first chapters but I didn't guess what will it be! mostly the stories are likely you can guess what will be the plot of the story from the first chapters but here it's not! I like how the author put so many details in the characteristics of the characters, I also like how the story develops it gets you to read more and what will happen next! Ughhhh!! One of my favorites [img=update][img=update][img=recommend]


This story is a fantastic read! Never a dull moment with these characters. If you like suspense, mystery, drama, romance and a ton of karma situations then this story is for you. Trust me, you are going to need a lot of snacks for this read because the show never gets old. Love this author and I can’t wait to read more ❤️


I read the first 8 chapters of this novel and am basing my review on that alone. Writing Quality: I feel like you will learn how to write precisely with time. Knowing that it is your first novel, I won't go hard on you, but here are some things you can improve: 1) Grammar- you could use a free grammar checker online or a paid service if you like to see where you are going wrong. Read more books to get a sense of how grammar flows. 2) Sentence Structure- You have a lot of run-on sentences. This means that you are either not using proper punctuation or you have long-winded sentences that lose meaning. Stability of Updates: I don't know about the routine but this author has posted a lot of chapters over the month, so I will trust their dedication to posting on time. Story Development: It is slow. But because it is the initial chapters, I won't judge based on it. Character Design: The author needs to work on making the characters multi-dimensional. I mean... your characters are predictable and say things that make them all seem like the same person. I don't see how each character is different from the other. The author tells me the personality but doesn't show me how they are as people. This is something the author needs to improve on. World Background- I was a bit confused by the names at first but quickly realized that it was a diverse community as most global cities are. I will need a little more information on the background of the characters, their lives, and their aspirations to make a better judgment.


The author promotes brutality and gang rape in this novel and add’s ASTERISK to the words making him less guilty while passively promoting the idea that violence is justified. Dear friends much better novels out there.


I really love this story and this is my second book to read but the story was fantastic and I really enjoy to read this book and I really love the character


I am conflicting about this novel. In one side I don't condone *****ery whatever reasons you had to enter marriage. Also the ML amd his wfie though it is said he was trapped didn't show in all the chapters I read prior to him meet the FL that he was unhappy, he treated his wife ok. And the author failed to explain when did he start to like the FL or why he didn't try tonsearch for the FL food testing. So I can'y vote for this novel for all of the reasons unknown


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Warning! Very brutal rape scenes. I didn't mind too much but author, you should have done good *** scene in the book before the rape scene! I also hope our fl does not forgive the fl for the horrific things he did to that woman until he is well and truly sorry for it himself or he really is a monster and I'm not ok with it. Looking forward to more though, this has been a great rollercoaster of emotions.


This was awesome,I mean am so happy reading this,five stars for u author,u really brighten the two days I was reading this...I love it so much 💖


I'm writing this review just after I completed reading the book. I have a bittersweet feeling about the story and the characters I've come across the whole story Jinhai is too cruel and Nana is too kind, it is like they are two ends of a spectrum. I still feel awed by the author's capability to bring two people with such huge difference in worldview together. I will not lie by saying that I liked Jinhai's obsession and Nana's blindness towards her admirers for sometime, but in the end I realised that is how people are truly in real life- 'Imperfect'. Almost every character in the story had an ugly side. Everyone was ruthless in their own ways but by the end of the day all had their own happy ending. I love how you portrayed the no matter how huge your mistake is (expect for Jinhai) you will always have a better life as long as you genuinely understand your wrongdoing and learn to let go. I love you for wonderfully weaving such a nice story with all these grey characters. I also love how brave you were in showing how not only saints but even devils are capable of love. I hate you just as much for all the times I gave out a frustrated cry reading about all the scheming. Everything apart thank you for letting me read about the love story of a villain, of a devil who only had his love as his bottom line. But I still hate you for making me question my morality so many times while reading this book. I just hate for making me like something which was against my morals. I just hate you, dear author!!!!!😤😡


The story is not bad at all... the characters of all the main lead is quit interesting and i like how this novel from the beginning to the end... i really like the story of the FL about her life and it keep on getting interesting


I just love this book I don't like doing reviews but this book is just so worth it (might be repeating myself😅) the way the story works on the reader's mind is just so waouh really I encourage y'all to read it it's just so oufff thumbs up to the author and hope for many more books to come😘😘😘😘


Loving the book It feels like a real story Author i was reading ur other Book and still waiting for chapters on it This book made me feel as though experiencing the fl life


hmmmm......I am hooked. love the story line...so realistic so many times people fall in love with those who are forbidden. looking forward to all the plot twists. Worth it to add


I loved this novel from beginning to end. LOL To be honest I know that a lot of readers probably think that the ML is questionable however, I supported him 100% and I have my own reasonings why i support him so much. The ML and FL really balance each other out and the storyline is really exciting. I found myself really holding my breath at times during certain scenes and giddy during the love scenes. Although this is one of those CEO stories, it actually quite different. It's got really different elements and not repetitive to what's out there. It's kind of refreshing. Anyway, support this author. Her writing is great. :)


This has a beautiful story line. I am completely obsessed with reading this. I have not read any other novels ever since I started to read this one. Also This is the best book I've read on this app.100 would percent recommended this to people I know. Keep up your hood work creator


OMG!!!! This novel keeps hooked with every chapter, though I did not read till the last chapter. But still based on the starting chapters, I'm giving you this review: your writing skills are amazing!!! Keep this hard work going on. You are doing great!!!! And full on five stars from my side!