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Firstly, Let me applaud the author for enthralling us with this distinctive plot❣🎆 The storyline is getting so unique, extensive and gripping that I can't wait to read more💯 Thus is the first novel wherein I am unable to deduce the possible outcomes🤧 A moment I hate one of the character, the next sec I feel pity or be impressed by the same. arrrrggghhh I don't know should I appreciate the author for her expertise in writing or be annoyed for the fact that there are so many mysteries hidden which is yet to be revealed😒 Trust me, I'm so desperate to know what exactly happened 7 years ago and this tension is killing me😭😭 Talking about the characters, Not a fan of the ML yet but I appreciate him for taking responsibility towards our girl and being considerate towards her always. The FL at first impression is a timid, weak girl but let me say she is hell's strong girl and so selfless💫❤❤💫 P S : The side characters here are just love and I love them more than the leads😍💯 The best part is that the step sister and the ex gf aren't pretentious white lotuses which is very rare😅 And the cherry on the cake is my two cute Lil adorable babies and the overbearing grandpa😘 Call me weird but I "ADORE" the grandpa though he's overbearing, cold, savage and merciless😂😂 Ultimately, this novel is a great read and would bind u with no return😇 Oops, I wrote so much, sorry couldn't stop it.🤣🐨

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I dont usually give reviews cos im just too laZy... but this author had a good talent In writIng. The writing Can be desribed as neat and flow naturally. Nice to read and uncommon story too. I think thIs story is actually potentially good if someone can make It as a blockbuster C-drama🤣


I absolutely loved this book! It frustrated me, made me happy, made me sad, made me cry. It basically toyed with my emotions. LOL. It’s one of the best web novels I’ve read so far. I cannot wait to read the author’s other novel. I don’t regret spending all my coins here. 😂


Yeah, 5 chapters out so far and I couldn't resist the urge to review. I know what to expect, so no need waiting for long before dropping a review. and by what to expect, I mean uniqueness, fluent grammar, intense emotions, and my fancy (hot scenes) boohoo. good character development and a flow that makes one know the Author has planned well beforehand and knows what she's doing. the above included and more you will find out if u check out this story. Love the starting already and do check out Author's book, Crimson Instinct. it's not cliche and I couldn't get enough of it. best of luck on this new book, Enthu🔥


Wow... the story is gripping from the start and I can't wait to see what the next chapter will bring. Great work, author, on keeping me on my toes. I'm not sure if I'm breathing while reading the chapters. 👍


Definitely this story is about 1 side love on every character depicted and about everyone hurting everyone with secrets, betrayal, lies, rape, revenge, greed and you name it. Intense and full of intrigue. Kudos for Author's originality and we'll written story. I am dropping the story at chapter 99 because I am a type of person that doesn't handle so many bad things with no insight of becoming better. I'll come back in a year and read last chapters to unless know if they continue with their chosen miseries or if they decided to change horizons (I am definitely curious after investing so many chapters 🤭). My most sincere congratulations for positioning your story on top 200 dear Author. You deserve it!!!!💖


A CEO romance trope novel is not only about winning or losing in love but about the hearts' trial in finding closure. While the story is like an afternoon soap opera drama, "Because I Cannot Hurt You" presents that fear and denial clouded a person with uncertainty to face the truth. With the support of non-linear time jump and third omniscient narration, it gives me a thrilling discovery behind the characters tragic intertwined fate, which could be deviating at the same time from the limited characters' point of view.🧐 With a puzzle piece of truth scattered around, the main characters are at the centre of the stage to solve. Yet it takes 'a great price' to require it. Sometimes the truth is not far from the eyes. Only after selfishness, it will resurface. Whether truth will salve the characters' heart, perhaps only they know themselves as the story progresses.


To be hones, I never give full five star, this is my first time given it because this novel had got me crazy from the start to the end I really like it[img=recommend] I feel like all the leads in hear are Main leads, I really like the author who had such an amazing thought[img=recommend] I cry 😭 I laughed😄 in this novel, I can't even skip any chapters because it's damp mystery, and I love it. There are so many things I want to say but I forgot 😅 Once again I like to say ,"I LIKE ALL THE LEADS IN HEAR". keep it up author[img=update] I'm a big fan of your novel😊


If you are looking for suspense...this novel is providing that...44 chapters and I am still clueless...author do something...Overall it's worth reading...


Ever since I started to read this author's books,she never cease to amaze me and this is one or the best of her amazing 😍 work. love the storyline, the characters infact everything about the book. this book is really giving 😍🥰💕. much love ethnu_reader💖


i enjoyed this story esp when the parents joined with their piggery😅acting like kids… i love how they all reunited ,forgiveness, and love..yes it’s annoying at some parts but i laugh alot of times.. so is there any continuation for the next generations? the kids😁


Reveal spoiler


First, the story is superb. The way the story is progressing is wow. Just make you hook to read. There are a lot of twist and turns. Please give a try, you won't regret it. ❤️


This author is first and foremost one of my favorites! This novel has got the best development and character design. The author is so good at developing the characters’ relationships and letting you experience all the love, happiness, sadness, And heart break. I might word vomit and spoil all the Juicy details of the novel as a loyal reader so i can’t go into too much details about the book but all i can say is I’m glad im a privilege reader and highly recommend this novel. P.S. the kids are cute. (Is this considered a spoiler?) ( I literally find myself refreshing the page for updates all day even though i know when this novel usually updates)


What is the original name of this book? Is it available on any other websites? And what is the total no. of chapters? By the way this story is soo good...I really like this kind of heartache novel... shoutout to the author(◍•ᴗ•◍)


Only 29 chapters out but it is also refreshing to see another author's work that was posted by Enthu! I was amazed by how you portray and convey love stories in a different way! Keep up the good work, Enthu! I have my trust with this kind of stories~


Reveal spoiler


I just am in love with your writing enthu. I don't know what writting novels means to you but by your writing I am just you love it. I want to write just like you one day.🥺😭😭. You don't know how much I have cried reading your novels. 1st crimson instinct & now this. Who ever reading this review should read her each & every novels. If you are not reading it then sorry but you are missing something really special that could come close to your heart. Now the novel oh my god😭😭😭 more than the ML & Fl. Her side characters are the LIFE of her novels. You can't help but fall in love with them it's not like you will not love fl & ml it's just that you will love some other characters more. Like XIAOSI 😭🥰❤❤❤ this only for him then grandpa Han & uncle An too. Sometime you will think such dumb people always so much forgiving. Then next second you will be crying for them. Then the 2nd chances in love was potrayed beautifully. I can't forget LGBT was Awww🥰. Then oh my good lod how can I forget the plot twists just ufff mindblowing. You can say it was a rolar coaster of emotions. At last Of course enthu loads of❤❤ to you & your novels. Pls someday give me tips how can you put such emotions into your novels. Last but not the least 💘 for the cutie pies in the novel


author story was best but xinyi suffered so much I just feel that zhiyan got her love without any sufferings


This book is a hidden gem. The plots were amazing and it is constantly changing perspectives of each character. It was a nice balance of drama and mystery without I’d being over the top. The story keeps you wanting to go back for more. The author did an amazing job with this. I wish them all the best with future writings.