92 Let down

Zhiyuan roared in anger, snapping Shuang out of her stupor. "Don't keep quiet Shuang! If you love him, then this doesn't make all the more sense."

Shuang jolted and looked back at him, her eyes stinging in tears as she recalled that memory. Xiaosi didn't want him to know the truth. She clenched her fist.

"I only did what I thought to be the best solution in that case."

He looked at her blankly. "And you think not telling me was the best solution?"

"Dad was already against your relationship with Caihong. He didn't want you to know about it so he took that chance to break you two forever. And after that night, Caihong didn't want anything to do with you either. Everything just...fell into place."

He grabbed her arms and shook her hard. "Yeah right. Even if something so terrible happened, all your family could think of was to separate Caihong and me, instead of punishing Xiaosi!"


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