Because I Cannot Hurt You

[Completed] Nine years ago, Soo Xinyi fell in love with the heir of Han Corporations, Han Zhiyuan. He was everything she ever wanted in her life. Unfortunately, it was a one-sided love as Zhiyuan already had someone else in his heart. But two years later, due to a series of strange circumstances, she was forced to marry Zhiyuan by his grandfather, Han Huizhong. Thus from Soo Xinyi, she became Han Xinyi. Xinyi had hopes that things would slowly get better one day, but she was wrong. Fate played a cruel game with her and in an instant, her heart was crushed forever. But what will happen when Zhiyuan's past love re-enter their lives? Will she be a threat to their marriage? And when a best friend turned enemy returns with her, every buried secret will bubble to the surface once again! "I love you. I love you so much that I cannot bear to hurt you. And because I cannot hurt you, I chose to bear that pain myself." - Han Xinyi. Sometimes, it's not about spending your life with the one you love, but with the one who loves you… **Cover is designed by artist Vatarison. Insta - vatarison.art** ----------- Discord - https://discord.gg/CbhNys444r Follow me on Insta - enthu_reader7

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550 Chs

Grandfather-granddaughter's evil scheme

An Yueqin warmly smiled. She took out her glasses and patted her head. "How did you recognize me?"

Chyou was proud. "Grandma is very pretty! Grandpa said he can also know it's you from anywhere! Because Grandma is beautiful like Mama!"

She coughed.

Is that why he could recognize me outside Grandeur that day even though I wore a scarf?

"That…" she tried to smile, "I am not your Grandma. Your Grandpa is misunderstanding things."

Chyou pouted. "How can you not my Grandma? You and Mama are same. Pretty and sparkling! And and very kind!"

She smiled. "What about Grandpa?"

Chyou pursed her lips. "Grandpa is good and plays with me sometimes. But…"

She narrowed her eyes. "But?"

Chyou lowered her head. "Grandpa is busy now a lot. Mama is with Dada and I am alone at home. Grandpa not play anymore with Chyou…" tears threatened to fill her eyes.