1 Where am I?

My week-long exams finally ended so I was enjoying my vacation with my friends doing some fun activities like swimming, sky diving, and bungee jumping on a gorgeous island.

As I was enjoying myself swimming in the ocean, my blue gemstone chain which my father gifted slipped off of my neck and fell inside the blue sea. I was startled because it was precious to me and reached deep into the water to retrieve it.

when I finally found the chain and came out of the water, I was greeted by the silent forest in my view and then when I looked down I was no longer in the sea but instead in a small stream with water just above my waist.

"Is anyone here?" I queried coming out of the stream still holding my chain in one hand.

"Eve! Thomas! where are you guys? please don't prank me like this. I'm really scared!"

There was no response, complete silence greeted me back. Clenching my fists, I slowly calmed myself and got out of the water only to be assaulted with the cold breeze against my bare which shivered. Neglecting the cold, I started walking into the forest covering myself with some big leaves found on my way. After taking a few steps inside the lush green wilderness, I was greeted by a giant wild boar snarling at me.

How unlucky can I get with transmigrating into God knows where wearing nothing but a bikini? And on top of that, facing a wild boar half of my size made me shudder with fear. what did I ever do to anyone to get into such a dilemma? I'm just an eighteen-year-old girl who recently became an adult and came to enjoy a vacation and was thinking of getting a boyfriend after returning to the city.

But here I am waiting to get trampled by a boar instead. Without having any other choice, I started to scream hysterically and ran as fast as I could.

"Help me! Please, someone, help me, mom! dad! where are you guys?!"

I ran and ran not caring about the injuries on my legs stepping into rocks and dried leaves while entering the deepest part of the forest. After some time, my legs halted in their place seeing something in front of me. A silver-grey wolf was standing in front of me with a serene expression. At that moment, I thought I was done with being alive. Behind me was a boar and in front of me was a wolf so I finally succumbed to my fate and stood still to get killed.




Lucas was having a bad day today. He ran away from his house after getting scolded by his mother because he neglected his annoying childhood family friend Elena.

She was pestering him to become one of her mates and join her family, but he didn't want that.

He was someone who believed that to become mates, love was necessary.

So he started living separately from his family and was going through the forest in his beast form a silver wolf. He stopped pacing when he suddenly heard a female screaming for help. He rushed to save the female because females were very precious to every tribe because of their less population and he also was intrigued by the soft voice which was calling for him.

After running for several minutes, he reached the spot and saw a female getting chased by a wild boar. His eyes narrowed seeing the female. she was wearing some unusual little clothes and was covering herself with leaves. He forgot about why he came here in the first place and assessed the female with his azure blue eyes. she was gorgeous and that was all he could process at that moment. He never saw someone or something as beautiful as her.

She had ivory white skin which was glowing in the sunlight and golden blonde hair which was shining like melted gold. Her eyes were ocean blue which could captivate anyone with a single glance. The female's face was flushed from running making her so adorable that he wanted to take her then and there and make her his.

Following that thought, a serious glint flashed in his azure blue eyes as he leaped towards the boar which was behind her and started fighting it ferociously.

Lyra came to a sudden halt witnessing the silver wolf and wild boar fighting. She was not able to process what was going on. For a second, she even thought that the wolf was helping her. But soon dismissed it and realized that the possibility of the wolf killing her after the fight was more likely than saving her.

The fight between the boar and silver wolf was very intense but seeing the size of the wolf which was two times bigger than the wild boar, Lyra guessed that wolf would be the winner.

Lucas on another hand was getting bored fighting this wild boar which was not even half as strong as him. He was born into a royal family where his father was a wolf king and he received three stars on his arm from birth. In the beast- world, the number of stars represented power and authority. Those from a royal bloodline with kings as their fathers were born with great strength.

He wanted to finish this fast and go to his female. Yes, she was now his female and only his. At last, he sliced the neck of the wild boar and killed it.

Lyra witnessing this bloody scene froze in her spot and started crying. She couldn't believe herself to be someone so weak and vulnerable. For her bad luck, the silver wolf took strides toward her making her flinch. Her eyes followed all of the wolf's movements and she widened her eyes when she caught sight of the wolf getting engulfed in a blinding white light. Following that, the wolf transformed into a handsome naked young man with moonlight-like silver hair and azure blue eyes.

she didn't know where to look at. The scenery in front of her was so marvelous. The man was gorgeous in every sense. His face was the most handsome she had ever seen, and that body

OH MY GOD! she was already getting nose bleeds. Her traitorous eyes continued ogling him and soon darted towards his lower body, oh my! she screamed in her mind.

On another side, Lucas was also appreciating her gorgeous face and body. For several minutes, they just stared at each other without talking. Finally, Lucas was the one to break the silence

"Female, you are so gorgeous, would you like to be my mate?"

Lyra's eyes narrowed hearing his words. 'what mate? playmate? what is he talking about?' she was confused by his odd words and soon widened her eyes as he pulled her towards him with his hand on her small narrow waist and pressed his lips onto hers kissing her.

'What the hell!?' That was the only thought that came to her mind in that bizarre situation.

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