27 Numbers from Hell

As Mallory's footsteps faded down the hall, the vampiress remarked, 

"Humans are always so interesting. Her thoughts are as delightfully chaotic as her actions in the past. It's just a shame that I can't decipher you yet as I can her."

Hadeon's laughter resonated with a silken darkness. "Indeed, what fun would it be if you could read me?" He then arched an eyebrow, clicking before he said, "Still testing to see if you can read my mind. You haven't changed. Always prying—scarcely the demure lady one might expect."

Being one of the original pureblooded vampires, Rose Chevalier was bestowed with the ability to read minds, which only failed with Hadeon Van Doren. Her smile now held the grace of centuries as she responded, 

"Just a harmless little attempt. But I must admit, I'm rather surprised to find you've been in Riddleford all this while." 


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