Beauty and the Immortal: It started with a dig

[Mature Content] Some things are best left undisturbed for a reason. Especially ones that are buried in the ground.  Thirteen years after the incident at Winchester Manor, Mallory Winchester resides with her uncle and his family. She is to wed a baron. However, Mallory faces betrayal. Desperate, she sets out looking for the buried artefact that she once believed was a joke told by her grandmother.  But what do you do if you don't find the object, but a person instead? And not just any person, but an immortal being who was never meant to see daylight ever again.  Mallory is convinced that whoever created Hadeon Van Doren must have mixed in generous doses of evil, sadistic nature, and dangerously handsome looks. Now, besides her initial problem, she must find a manual to tame this person who is looking at her as if she is his next meal, as well as tame her. 

ash_knight17 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
90 Chs

Mixed up drinks

"Who is she?" Hadeon asked abruptly, his voice echoing slightly in the quiet of the hallway. The maid, Ivy, who stood near the door, nearly tripped forward in surprise at the question.

"You don't remember Lady Mallory?" Ivy responded, her expression one of disbelief.

Hadeon gazed at Ivy, his brow furrowing as he tried to piece together her words. He murmured softly, a hint of confusion lacing his tone, 

"I remember monkey... But there was this momentary haze, as if her existence slipped from my mind. How strange. Could it be the effects of old age?" He paused, a realisation dawning upon him. "Or perhaps it was the drink at the witch's house affecting me after all this time."

With a sense of urgency, Hadeon strode towards Mallory's room. As he entered, the absence of her presence was evident, and his golden eyes swiftly scanned the surroundings. "Her scent lingers here still," he noted aloud.