30 Letter by Yours Truly

Mallory found herself staring down at the one person she'd rather wrestle a rabid raccoon than deal with George Kingsley. Deep down, she wanted to wring his neck, but she wasn't keen on diving into a pool of blood and knives to do it. So when fate, aka Hadeon, dropped this punishment on her, it felt like a vampire's very own twisted joke. 

"Master Hades?" Mallory hesitated, eyeing Hadeon casually sipping on his tea in the open garden and under the darkened clouds of the day.

"What's up, monkey? Need some pointers on where to aim?" Hadeon asked, his eyes glinting mischievously.

"I don't know how to hit the board with him blocking most of it," Mallory stated, watching George dominate the target area.

"That's a problem," Hadeon hummed with a thoughtful expression, and he said, not so quietly with a serious expression, "Perhaps we need to make a hole in little Georgie's chest." 


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