32 Deception of the Immortal

Mallory wondered who had been reckless enough to kill someone and leave them out in the open. But then her eyes fell back on Hadeon. There was the person! Maybe he had sleep walked and killed the woman. Innocent Master Hades, she said to herself. 

Hadeon caught her scrutinising glance. "Longing looks, darling?" He then said, "If I had danced with the woman's death, you can bet I would have taken credit for it. But this? Amateur, really. Tsk."

"Master Hades," Mallory replied, her voice laced with dry sarcasm. "I believe I know someone who fits that description. Could it be that someone took a leaf from your book?"

She couldn't fathom any of the prominent vampire figures risking exposure to humans. If Hadeon claimed innocence, then even Lady Rose would likely be uninvolved, given her efforts to maintain peace among their kind.

Hadeon chuckled at Mallory's inquiry, his eyes gleaming mischievously.


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