More Words Leads to More Mistakes

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Parker buried several sweet potatoes among the firewood, then went to the river and continued rubbing the fox skin. Before he was done, Winston came back with another prey with thick fur.

The two of them split up the work. Although they were a little busy, they still managed to finish the work. After a day of hard work, they gained more than ten superior animal skins, and there was now the meat of more than ten prey hanging from the rooftop. This was much better than even households with many male beastmen.

This was the advantage of being capable.

Having smoked meat in the main room for an entire day, the entire house was filled with a smoky smell; one could even sniff it in the bedroom. Bai Qingqing wasn't willing to go into the main room, so even when she ate she remained in the bedroom.

Parker boiled some hot water for bathing and brought it into the bedroom.