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novel - Fantasy Romance

beautiful trauma


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It's a dramatic story about a girl who's name is Aria,a 25 year old girl who lives in India. she has witnessed the worst side of this world and the continual exposure to the brutality of this world makes her mentally sick.She suffers through metal illnesses.recently she has lost her mother which leaves her alone in this world.after 6 months she moves to other city due to her occupational demand there she fell in love with a boy whose name is Arnav,he's a smart handsome guy who immediately falls for Aria's beauty both inner and outer soon they comes into a relationship which was full of passion and love but sometimes love chokes you,Aria had to kill Arnav find out the reason why a submissive soft hearted girl kills her own love. p.s. it's the first time i m writing so please pardon me if there are mistakes i hope it turns out to be good i m trying my best to not to disappoint you guys hope you enjoy reading!!;)

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