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Beauties and The Beasts in The Novel World


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Fanfiction of Beauty and the Beasts. Kyra, a street thug met with an accident during her life's most thrilling and awaited Parkour stunt. Unexpectedly when she opens up her eyes, instead of finding herself in hell she finds that she was in a forest and that too with a small frail girl who introduced herself as Bai Qingqing. At that moment she realised that her life really got fucked up. # Firstly, this is a fanfiction so the story is not obliged to follow the same plot or flow. #Secondly, There is a lot of swearing words so prepare yourself....read only if you could ignore because my FL's is setting like that. #Thirdly, I don't own the original book so all your wishes and warm thoughts goes to original writer. #Story will be having other characters as well , let's call them my original characters. #This one is smut, so children under eighteen please refrain from reading. #Last but not the least, Try to avoid my poor grammar and I always support your valuable opinions.


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