1 Courage Test Adventure

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"Lin Yu!"

"Lin Yu, why are you in a daze?"

He heard a few calls.

Lin Yu came back to his senses and opened his eyes wide.

He wondered, "Where is this place?"

He looked around and found that he was in a dilapidated house.

The mottled walls were covered in cracks, and patches of moss were emitting a moist aura.

The surroundings were pitch black.

In front of him stood four people dressed like students, three men and one woman, looking back at him.

Lin Yu thought, "Wasn't I already dead?"

"This is..." Lin Yu felt as if his brain had been hit by a hammer, and a jumble of memories swept through.

Aqua Blue Planet...

Beastmaster, the pet beast...

After absorbing a huge amount of memories in an instant, Lin Yu felt that his head was slightly swollen.

He had transmigrated from a university graduate to a different world and became a senior high school student.

However, this world was completely different from the previous world. There were wonderful existences called pet beasts.

Correspondingly, everyone could become a Beastmaster, contract their pet beasts, and control them.

"Lin Yu, are you afraid?" A fat man laughed.

Lin Yu followed the voice. The few people in front of him were his classmates, and the one who spoke was called Li Yong.

"What's there to be afraid of? I just remembered some things," Lin Yu said without changing his expression.

"Li Yong, don't forget that Lin Yu was the one who suggested this courage test adventure." A young man at the side laughed.

"Haha, I was just joking." Li Yong scratched his head. "Then let's continue forward."

"Courage test adventure," Lin Yu said inwardly.

He already knew the whole story.

The cause was that Li Yong had heard rumors about spooky houses from somewhere, such as "crying in the middle of the night" and "mysterious fire".

After a heated discussion, the group of youth finally decided to take an adventure.

And it was called the "Courage Test Adventure".

"Spooky houses? I'm afraid it has something to do with the pet beasts," Lin Yu thought.

Everything that didn't make sense in this world could be explained by pet beasts and Beastmasters.

It was a pity that he was only an apprentice Beastmaster and had yet to officially contract a pet beast.

And there were only two junior Beastmasters with pet beasts in the group.

They were Li Yong and another girl.

Lin Yu took a few steps closer to them. If they were in danger, they would have to rely on their pet beasts.

In front of them was complete darkness. The girl summoned her pet beast.

It was a furry ball the size of a basketball. Its feelers glowed and dispelled the darkness.

"Bright Light Catkin, light attribute, origin birth realm."

Lin Yu was silently observing the first pet beast he saw after coming to the other world.

He found the relevant information in the original owner's memory.

The group of people carefully pushed open the creaking wooden door and came to the inner courtyard.

There was a bluestone path in the middle of the courtyard, with weeds and withered vines growing on both sides.

Everything was silent except for the sound of footsteps stepping on the stone path.

Lin Yu felt as if he was walking through a sea of vines.

In the distance, in the darkness where Bright Light Catkin's light couldn't reach, the withered vines of all shapes and sizes were like demons lying dormant.

"Did you guys hear any strange sounds?"

The girl slowed down her pace and asked in a trembling voice.


Lin Yu frowned. Just as he was about to ask, a gust of cold wind suddenly blew over, and a strange "boohoo" sound rang in his ears.

It was as if someone was crying.

"Who is it?" Everyone heard it.

Lin Yu looked back, and his pupils suddenly shrank.

A thick and spooky vine writhed in the darkness like a wave.

In the process of moving forward, it let out a "boohoo" sound, like crying.

"Be careful. Something's coming!" Lin Yu warned.

As he quickened his pace, he quickly searched in his mind.

"Is this a pet beast? What type? Come up with it quickly."

Fortunately, the original owner seemed to have done some research on strange pet beasts. Lin Yu suddenly had an idea.

"Yeah... This is Fierce Crying Vine, a pet beast of the necromancy attribute!"

"Hurry up and use your light attribute attacks!" he quickly said.

Everyone suddenly came back to their senses, and the girl hurriedly directed Bright Light Catkin to counterattack.

Several light balls the size of eggs appeared and shot out like bullets.

Fierce Crying Vine's speed slowed.

"Quickly get into the house!" The group of people ran wildly and pushed open the wooden door in front of them.

A strong moldy smell hit their faces, pungent and unbearable.

"It didn't come after us."

"The attack just now worked?"

The group of people heaved a sigh of relief.

"I think this is an opportunity!" a young man suddenly said.

"It's restrained by the light. Besides, Li Yong also has a pet beast. Two against one should be enough to defeat it."

"Then we can contract it."

He said that word for word.

Lin Yu glanced at the crowd. Obviously, he was not the only one who had such thoughts.

"I see. Perhaps this is the true purpose of their participation in the courage test adventure." He understood in his heart.

If something strange happened, it meant that there was a rare pet beast.

This attraction was fatal to a senior high school student who had yet to contract his pet beast.

Especially these few poor students.

The slightly better pet beasts were usually very expensive in the breeding house.

If they went to the wild alone, they would probably only be able to contract house worms such as Sky Blue Worm or Scorching Sun Silkworm. Their racial potential was really too low.

Lin Yu shook his head as he looked at the eager young people.

Things weren't that simple.

Fierce Crying Vine didn't chase after them, perhaps because it was afraid of Bright Light Catkin, but there was also another possibility.

That was the house they were in had an even more terrifying being.

At the thought of this, Lin Yu felt a chill down his spine and slowly turned his head.

The broken walls, the fallen bricks, and the dust on the ground.

All of them hinted that no one had stepped into this room for a long time.

In the middle of the room was a wooden square table surrounded by blue-flame candles.

The most attractive part was the deep blue flower in the middle.

The moment he saw the flower, Lin Yu felt dazed, and his vision started to blur.

"That is... Illusionary Spirit Paramita Flower!"

From what he remembered, this was an extremely rare pet beast of the necromancy and spirit attribute.

One of its best abilities was to create illusions...


Lin Yu felt he could not breathe, as if an invisible hand was strangling his neck.

It was an illusion!

But it was so real.

He felt his face burning, and so did the others around him. They all grabbed at the air around their necks.

The four candles at the corner of the table also began to sway, revealing one eye.

"That's Little Candle Spirit?"

These Little Candle Spirits, supposed to be gentle and casual, now seemed to have a huge change in temperament.

Their blue flames rose sharply, turning into four rays of blue light that rushed toward the few of them.

Under the double pressure of the illusion and the flames, these few students had already fainted.

And Lin Yu was the only one who persisted with his extraordinary willpower.

"System? Cheats? I'm going to die if you still don't come!"

Just as he was about to reach his limit, it was as if a thunderclap had exploded in his mind.


A thick black-purple book slowly appeared.

Collection Book of the God of Devouring.

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