Beastmen Love

Astri White has always felt like an outsider, never truly belonging to any group or place in the world. Raised in an orphanage, she yearns for a sense of belonging and the feeling of genuine love. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself mysteriously transported to another world, the enigmatic and magical realm known as the Beastmen World. In this strange and fantastical land, Astri encounters a diverse array of beings known as beastmen—creatures possessing both human and animal traits. As she navigates this unfamiliar world, she discovers that she possesses extraordinary powers, unlike anything seen before. Her unique abilities set her apart from both humans and beastmen, marking her as an exceptional and crucial figure in the realm. As Astri interacts with the various beastmen she meets, she begins to learn about the different facets of love. Through their diverse experiences and perspectives, she gains insights into the depths of love and the connections that bind individuals together. As her relationships with the beastmen grow, Astri discovers the true meaning of family and friendship, experiencing the warmth and support she had always craved. However, not everything is idyllic in the Beastmen World. There are dark forces at play, threatening the delicate balance of the realm and putting Astri and her newfound family in jeopardy. With her remarkable powers, she becomes a target for those seeking to exploit her abilities for their own nefarious purposes. As the danger escalates, Astri must embrace her role and harness her powers to protect the world and the ones she loves. In the process, she uncovers secrets about her own origin and the significance of her presence in the Beastmen World. "Beastmen Love" is a captivating tale of self-discovery, acceptance, and the transformative power of love. Astri White's journey from feeling like an outsider to finding her place in a fantastical world filled with extraordinary beings will resonate with readers as they follow her on a thrilling adventure of magic, romance, and personal growth.

Ludinor · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
143 Chs

Finding A Soul

Atlas's first days of life were a bit tiring for Astri since he would breastfeed during the night constantly. Having spouses that help effectively with cleaning and tucking the baby to sleep makes things way less stressful and makes everyone enjoy having children around. 

Koa was learning from Astri how to cook some breakfast recipes, but all he wanted to do was hug her from behind. He turned out to be a very kind and mushy spouse, the kind that likes to be glued to her just like Zin and Lee.

"Do you think you can take the lead now?" She asks Koa about making pancakes. 

"Yes! Let me do it." He nods.


She stepped back, giving him space to work, and watched him for a few minutes. Satisfied that he was doing fine, she turned her attention to Claud and baby Atlas.