25 C25: Losing Dreams

Bane consciousness was fuzzy and his head hurt like crazy.


He felt like someone was whispering something in his ears but his brain wasn't functioning properly to process it.

His vision too was obscure. Bane felt that his eyes were perfectly fine and he could even move them as he wished using the muscles attached in his eyeballs, but even then his brain couldn't make out a thing about the blurry images that were running rampant in his mind.

And last but not the least. Bane felt a turbulent amount of crazy mana around him. So much so that even he... a person with literally 0 magic stat, could feel its presence.


Someone called out to him. The voice was soft and soothing like a lullaby. But instead of making him sleep it was making him even more and more aware of his surroudings.

"Where? Who?"

Bane was having a hard time to recollect his puzzled up brain. He somehow had the hunch that he knew this voice. He had heard it somewhere before. But he quite make sense of it.

"Bane..." the whispers continued.

It was as if his previously spoken questions hadn't been able to reach that voice.

Annoyed Bane reached out his hands to grab for straps or anything that might be around him to give him a better sense of direction and also the bizzare place that he was in.

But all he grabbed was air. Even when he went low and tried to grab the ground he was standing on, all he caught onto was empty air.

Bane face turned pale.

'Where am I?'

Bane didn't even dared to take a single step. With no ground to feel on, wouldn't he fall off if he were to really take a step?


Bane gritted his teeth.

"Where am I? Who the heck are you?"

Bane clearly rememberred being in the goblin village. He had slept in a large huts along with several scores of other smelly goblins. And the one he had picked was the best of lodging he could ask for. It didn't make sense why he would be suddenly floating in the sky.

"Bane, you must travel... travel to the west. To the beast cloud meadows. There is nothing but oceans in all three directions. If you want to find 'them' you must head in that direction."

Suddenly a series of images flashed across Bane's mind.

Each of those images captured something different. But one thing was common between all of them. in each of those images, he could find goblins of his tribe, and they seemed to travelling to a new location.

But at the end of it all, he saw something straight out of his memories of his previous life.

"This is... beast cloud meadow." Bane muttered to himself. "Wait, but who are..."

But before Bane could complete his sentence his consciousness faded away. It was as if that mysterious voice's lullaby was the only thing that was making him awake and as soon as it converyed its message his consciousness fell out of that world.


"Griiiiguek," Bane got up holding his head that was spinnning in pain. But he still vividly rememberred every part of his dream. It was as if it had happened with him in reality.


Bane pushed aside the green goblins that were sleeping on top of him as he quickly got out of the hut.

There reason that Bane got up so early compared to the others was simple. If he wanted to live, he had to hunt alone from now on.

But he couldn't help but have a smile form on his green lips.

"Cloud Meadow huh?" Bane whispered.

He had no idea what that weird dream was. And he had no idea who that suspicious person was either. But if the CLoud meadow really exists in his current world, then that would mean that he was reincarnated in the same world as before!

Surely, his sweet revenge was on his way if such were the case.

Two worlds having the same place looking quite similar to each other and also having the same name would be too much of a coincidence wouldn't it?

And when it came to trusting such a dream... Bane had already met Gods and such, so a dream like this wouldn't be completely out of ordinary. So Bane still was suspicious if his brain just naturally showed him such a dream because he already knew after talking to a lot of goblins that they had migrated from the west.

"I wonder, what is true here."

It was the time of the dusk and perhaps no one had woken from the sleep yet expect for the goblin guard who had never slept in the first place.

Bane walked around a bit through the outskirts of the forest and also through the grasslands collecting stones and sharp pebbled or whatever he found handy. He was mostly looking for stones with sharp edges and twigs that were stiff and sturdy but not too big for a goblin.

Collecting all of those resources Bane found a place relatively free of grasslands to ward off the chances of him being attacked while he was working.

Bane had only seen their tracks so far and broken grasses that signified of their presence. He hadn't seen one personally but he knew that these monsters too existed.

The last thing that Bane wanted was to be attacked and caught off guard while hw was deeply immersed in his work.

The spear that Bane had been fighting with in his last battle had been severely damaged. Bane had no choice but to make his own weapons.

And after the little cold and voiceless conflict that he had with Gam he couldn't rely on him either as most of the goblin dwarves of the village certainly took orders from him.

And while Bane could make nothing at the level of humans or dwarves. But he was confident that he would be able to make weapons better than the goblin dwarves even without any associated crafting based skills in his skill tree. Being a hunter this amount of basic knowledge of weapons was a given even though he could do nothing to infuse the weapons with magic like those dwarves.

But not having even the basic equipment needed for the crafting process had surely escalated the amount of hard work Bane had to put into it.

He didn't even have a wheatstone to sharpen the edges. He did have a blunt knife though which had lost its sharpness fighting the forest bear.

Bane picked up the smoothest stone he could get his hands on and began to make it even more smooth at a nearby rock. With his small goblin hands he could only put so much pressure but bit by bit the stone was getting chilled and smoothened. Bane kept adding water to it from time to time which was needed to smoothen it further.

It was a simple process but it was long and tedious to make a even a simple sharpening stone.

But once it was done Bane was able to quickly sharpen his dagger. His dagger mastery skill also helping him in the process.

This was the difference of having skills and not having one. Without skills the manufacturing process only gets longer and longer. And the same went with fighting based skills. Without the skill one had to grow through a lot of grueling training just to acquire the same level of proficiency.

Most people don't even bother to do anything out of their skills.

In fact, it was only a human who would think of something along the lines of 'learning something without the associated skills.' But even so most human avoid it and tend to focus on acquiring skills.

But when it came to Bane, dire circumstances when he was on the human side had pushed Bane to do a lot of things alone, as sadly most of his comrades had died out.


"I feel so sick all of a sudden."