Chapter 56 She's dead?

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Seven months ago—

Senyu Beast Forest.

The gray sky darkened as black clouds rapidly gathered.

Pei Xuan, restless and anxious, licked the newborn Little Black Panther until it was completely clean before walking over to Sally.

How did she die?

Is giving birth that dangerous?

Sally lay motionless.

He gently licked her face, her slender neck, and her fingertips which had turned grass green from clutching at the soft grass, tenderly trying to lick her awake.

But Sally just wouldn't move.

The tribulation clouds in the sky were almost completely gathered.

The rolling thunder sounded like a death knell, ready to strike at any moment.

This was the final heavenly tribulation that would transform him from a Mortal Beast into a Spiritual Beast. He had withstood the previous ninety-nine tribulations and couldn't fail on the last one!