Chapter 13: Females Have No Talents

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Robby's talent was the Wind Element Green Rank, not very high, but he was really fast when running.

Sally hid inside a bundle, just like riding on a high-speed train, with the speed not at all inferior.

Along the way, whenever Robby got hungry, he would gnaw on some jerky, and when he got thirsty, he would take a sip of cool water.

Sally didn't feel hungry at all after eating a Fasting Pill, but she still ate a bit for the sake of it.

"Robby, do you know about the Golden-eyed Black Panther Beast?"

"That's one of the ten famous ferocious beast tribes of the Eastern District."

"Is it very powerful?"

"Of course, it's powerful. Any random beast tribe from the Eastern District could take down our entire Western District."

"So, the talent is higher in the Eastern District too?"

"Definitely. The Eastern District is completely on a different level than the Western District, it's like comparing Heaven Rank to Red Rank."

"Isn't that an exaggeration? There should be capable people in our Western District too."

"There are only a few. In the Eastern District, the entire Beast Clan is at a very high level."

"..." Sally went silent, it was probably like the difference between a developed and a developing country.

It seems she really needs to go to the Eastern District.

"The Western District has its strong ones too."

"Are you talking about Lin Lang?"

"Although Brother Lin Lang is quite powerful, his talent is Yellow Rank. Talent determines that no matter how high his aptitude is, there's a limit to how far he can go."

"So who is the strong one in the Western District you're talking about?"

"The first of the Snake Clan, Lord Dongli."

"...The Snake Clan? Aren't they the sworn enemy of our Rat Clan?"

"No, that's not right. The Snake Clan and Rat Clan actually get along quite well. In the past, when they built houses, they would seek help from the Rat Clan's beastmen. In terms of talent in the Earth Element, the Rat Clan has more and is more skillful, with ninety percent being Earth Element."

"My talent is not the Earth Element," Sally mentioned offhandedly.

"What?" Robby looked at Sally with surprise.

"What's wrong?" Sally noticed him staring as if she were some kind of monster.

"Sister, females don't have talents," Robby replied solemnly.

Sally bent her index finger and aimed it at the air, saying, "Fire!"

A cluster of orange-red flames appeared at the tip of her finger.

Robby instinctively dodged backward.

When he realized it was Sally's talent, he immediately moved closer to see, "Really? The whole Rat Clan doesn't have a single Fire Element talent!"

"Now there is, and it's quite convenient for making fire." Over the past two days, Sally had been studying the cultivation manual, practicing the most basic Fireball Technique, and now she could produce a flame.

Robby moved in even closer, "Then you must be the first female in our Rat Clan to have a talent, and it's an unprecedented Fire System Mystery."

"What a pity the level is too low, just Green Rank."

"Even so, in the entire Western District, there are only a handful of Fire Element talents. There are more in the Eastern District; there's the Fire Phoenix Clan that can be reborn from fire, but because they have no females, it's said they're almost extinct."

"Fire Phoenix Clan?!" Sally's eyes suddenly lit up.

"The males of the Fire Phoenix Clan are very proud, and ordinary females definitely can't attract their attention. Sister, don't get any wild ideas."

"Robby, let me put it this way. In the future, you're definitely going to have a brother-in-law from the Fire Phoenix Clan." Sally's round rat ears twitched, her determination set.

That Fire Phoenix Clan talent must surely meet the standards of the Offspring System.

Robby glanced at her ears and knew she was moved by the idea.

But a little female rat, how could she possibly court a Fire Phoenix from the Eastern Tribe? It was ludicrous to even think about.

He shook his head, "There's something else, Brother Lin Lang he..."

"What's wrong?" Sally saw the struggle in his eyes, unable to figure out how to express himself, her heart pondering, "Did he get involved with another female?"

"Sister, how did you know?" Robby looked at Sally in surprise.

Sally replied, "Seeing how hard it is for you to speak, there can only be one reason."

"Ashley drugged Brother Lin Lang with an aphrodisiac, and now she's pregnant. Lin Lang has no choice but to marry her."

"Oh? She's a tough one."

"Won't you get angry?"

"What's there to be angry about? They've even conceived a child."

Moreover, she had given birth to a black panther cub.

In such situations, where there's mutual consent, there is no right or wrong.

She had merely agreed to wait for him, but since he didn't come, there was no follow-up.

Before nightfall, Robby carried Sally back to the new settlement of the Rat Clan.

Auro Millet was setting up a street stall selling pelts, jerked meat, and goat milk. His only son, Robby, had left a note a few days ago about going back to the old tribe to find his sister, leaving him feeling unsettled ever since.

Selling goods at his stall, he would frequently either give the wrong change or pick the wrong merchandise.

Suddenly, he saw Robby carrying a large bundle stopping in front of his stall.

Thinking his eyes were deceiving him, he rubbed them vigorously, then looked closely again... It was indeed his son. He sighed with relief at first, and then his expression turned grave.

"So you do remember to come back!"

"Daddy..." Sally poked her head out from the bundle.

Auro was startled, "Yanyan?"

"Yes, your daughter is fine." Sally hopped down lightly onto the stall, stood up on her hind legs, and looked at Auro, "Luckily brother came for me, otherwise I might never have seen you again."

They were indeed close blood relatives, so when facing Auro, Sally felt a certain familial affection stemming from their blood ties.

Auro picked her up, and seeing her fur clean and smooth all over, and her whiskers jauntily pointy, it was clear she had not suffered any harm from the demon beasts, having escaped that calamity.

"Good, good, good, Robby has done well, and you are well too." Auro couldn't help but tear up.

Seeing that his father was not angry anymore, Robby first unpacked the big bundle off his back, then stood upright on his hind legs and picked a tender piece of jerked meat from the stall to chew on.

Realizing that they must be hungry from the journey, Auro also poured Sally her favorite goat milk.

Sally wasn't actually hungry, but she still 'glug-glug-glug-' drank it all.

And then she burped contentedly.

"Uncle Auro, I'd like ten Red Coins worth of jerked meat," Galian Walto approached Auro's stall.

But in the next instant, he was startled to see a little white mouse on the stall, exclaiming, "Sally! You're not dead?"

Sally gave him a disdainful glance, "You're not dead, so why should I be?"

"Uh, sorry, I misspoke," Galian Walto's face turned a bit red, but then he asked again, "And Brother Lin Lang?"

"He has nothing to do with me," Sally replied.

Auro handed Galian Walto a piece of jerked meat worth at least a hundred Red Coins, "Today, my daughter has come back. No need to pay, take it and eat."

Galian Walto hesitated for a moment but finally reached out a hand adorned with a grass ring to take the meat, "Thank you, Uncle Auro."

"Galian—" Someone was calling from afar.

"Coming!" Galian Walto quickly responded.

"Sally, I'll come to play with you another day," Galian Walto said, not waiting for Sally's response before running off with the jerked meat.

Auro sighed softly, telling Sally, "Her parents were killed by demon beasts, she's now living in the Female Cave, and she has two younger brothers to provide for."

"Ah?" Sally was astonished.

Then she remembered, the grass ring on her wrist was a symbol of the females from the Female Cave.