1 Crossing Into The Beast World And Starting The Awakening Ceremony

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"Next, Harmo! Come up and participate in the awakening ceremony!"

After being disturbed, Shen Fei immediately woke up in a daze.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he was instantly stunned by the various unfamiliar knowledge about beast taming written on the blackboard.

'Isn't this supposed to be an advanced mathematics class?' 

Shen Fei scratched his head in confusion.

In an instant, countless memories poured into his mind.

It turned out that while he was napping in class, his soul accidentally transmigrated into Shen Fei's body in the beast world!

In the beast world, two hundred years ago, wormholes that led to other worlds had appeared all over the world.

Spirit beasts with all kinds of strange powers poured out of the wormholes endlessly, and it was known as the spirit beast disaster in history!

The products of human technology, be it firearms, missiles, or even nuclear weapons... had little effect on these spirit beasts.

A hundred years ago, humans were on the verge of extinction because of the spirit beasts.

But right at that moment, the world's first Beastmaster came forward with the spiritual beast he had tamed, saving the survivors from the crisis!

He had even shared his method of taming spirit beasts with everyone.

Since then, humans had safely overcome the crisis and started a new era of beast taming!

Beast taming had become a tradition here. The children would receive all kinds of beast taming lessons starting from elementary school.

When they became adults, their innate talents would awaken, which would be ranked from the lowest, F-class, to the highest, S-class.

The higher the talent grade, the higher the upper limit of the beast tamer's future growth would be.

And today was the day that Shen Fei and the others would awaken their talents.

The sparkling crystal ball on the podium was a tool to test one's talent.

"As long as you place your hand on it, your talent will be revealed.

"As the top student in the class, you must be very talented!"

"Don't worry, teacher, I won't let you down!"

Harmo adjusted the tie on his chest and proudly placed his hand on the crystal ball.

The homeroom teacher and his classmates were all looking at Harmo expectantly. The next second, a weak flame appeared in the center of the crystal ball.

An emotionless voice reverberated through the classroom.

"F-class talent! Sparks!"

Harmo's face turned pale. The surrounding students looked at him with pity.

"He's clearly a top student. How did he awaken such a trashy talent ... "

"If you get this trash talent, you might as well jump to your death and reincarnate."

" I heard that he's the most important child in his family, and his family has invested a lot of money to raise him. Tsk, tsk... His parents won't be able to lift their heads up when they go out in the future."

Seeing how Harmo's eyes were red and dejected, the homeroom teacher quickly went up to comfort him. "It's fine, Harmo. If you can't become a Beastmaster, you can become someone like me in the future."

However, Harmo clearly could not accept this result. He glanced at the homeroom teacher and immediately ran crying from the podium.

Shen Fei sighed quietly. The world of beast taming was just that cruel. Once an F-class talent was awakened, one's future with beasts would be cut off. Having an F-class talent was almost the same as not having one.

The homeroom teacher let out a long sigh.

"Next! Lilian!"

"It's my turn?"

A cute, white-haired girl in a short skirt skipped up to the podium. This white-haired girl, Lilian, was Shen Fei's childhood friend in the beast world. She had been clever and eccentric since she was young, and she often played pranks on him. She was definitely a little devil.

The two of them had played together since they were very young, and Shen Fei had always treated Lilian like a little sister.

"Lilian, hurry up. Don't let the other students wait too long."

The homeroom teacher only glanced at Lilian before lowering his head to play with his phone. The other students also seemed to be indifferent to her.

Shen Fei was quite sure that this was because Lilian's parents both had F-class talents. A parent's talent would most likely affect the child.

Many of the descendants of F-class talents did not even have a talent. With two F-class talent genes stacked together, it would be even more futile!

It was no wonder that everyone present did not think well of her. Even Lilian did not think highly of herself.

Lilian looked around in disappointment. Shen Fei, who was below the stage, revealed a smile to Lilian.

"Good luck."

"Thanks for your kind words."

Lilian smiled at Shen Fei. She then concentrated and touched the crystal ball in front of her.

She gently touched it with her finger, and in an instant, a brilliant river of stars gushed out from the crystal ball.

In the next second, the entire class was enveloped in this starry river.

The crystal ball's broadcast resounded in everyone's ears.

"A-class talent! Galaxy Lock!"

As soon as it said that, the whole class was in an uproar!

"Really?! The crystal ball isn't broken, is it?"

"I didn't see it wrong. It's really an A-class!"

"For F-class parents to give birth to an A-class child, what a genetic miracle."

"Those with A-class and higher talents will not only be specially trained by the country, but their future will also be extremely bright."

The whole class looked at Lilian with envy and jealousy.

The homeroom teacher's eyes widened in shock!

A-class talent! And it was a barrier-type Galaxy Lock!

People with A-class talent were, without exception, the guiding light for the future of mankind!

This result was beyond everyone's expectations.

Even Lilian covered her mouth in surprise, and tears of excitement flowed down from the corners of her eyes.

"Lilian, go back to your seat first. Don't leave after class, wait for me."

Although the homeroom teacher was excited, the other students still had to go through the awakening ceremony. Once the ceremony was over, he would bring Lilian to the principal.

"Next, Shen Fei!"

When Shen Fei's name was called, the students who were still in a heated discussion immediately quieted down. Everyone's anticipating gazes were focused on Shen Fei. Shen Fei stood up and walked toward the podium.

He had Shen Fei's memories, so he naturally knew what they were looking forward to.

Shen Fei from this beast world was the grandson of the famous hero of the city, Richard!

Back when they were facing the wormhole disaster, his grandfather Richard and the mayor, Edward, had led an army of beast tamers to protect the city from the dangerous waves of spirit beast.

It was also on the night of the end of that disaster that his grandfather carried Shen Fei, who was not even a year old at that time, and pointed at the mayor's daughter, Aloy, who was also not even a year old, and arranged for them to get married!

Just like that, Shen Fei had a future wife at the age of one.

The title of the mayor's future son-in-law was firmly placed on Shen Fei's head.

With the support of such a family background, in addition to Shen Fei's parents' A-class talents, everyone was extremely curious about Shen Fei's result.

Shen Fei bathed in everyone's gazes and walked towards the podium step by step.

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