Chapter 16: Preparations for Entering a New Mysterious Realm

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"I know you're worried about me getting into trouble, but I'm not someone who can be easily bullied by any beast. Besides, if I do encounter a strong opponent that I can't defeat, I can still run away." Dragon Town comforted him.

Vincent Wolf knew that it wasn't as simple as Dragon Town made it sound, but he couldn't convince Dragon Town otherwise. "Why don't you just exchange that high-quality Beast Technique for a Monarch-level resource? I'm sure a lot of people would be willing to make the trade."

"That Beast Technique cannot be taken out. Either you use it or keep it in the Space Bracelet. There's no second option." Dragon Town was firm about this.

Vincent Wolf was just casually mentioning it; he himself could use skills, so the Beast Technique wasn't of much use to him. It would be better to exchange it for a Monarch-level ally.

However, he understood that such precious items should not be easily given away, or else it would bring endless trouble. What he needed now was time for his own growth, and he couldn't afford to waste it.

"There's one more thing."


"When are you going to tell me who our enemies are? I don't even have a target for revenge. If you get lost outside one day and can't come back home, then I will never know the specific situation."

Dragon Town paused for a moment, then understood Vincent Wolf's meaning.

"As long as you reach the level of professional beast tamer, I will tell you. Don't worry, even if something happens to me, you will know. I have made arrangements already, and besides, as long as you're strong enough, what kind of information can't you obtain?"

"This kind of arrangement sounds like a death flag."

"A what?"

Vincent Wolf then remembered that the language of this world was not the same as his previous one.

"I mean, I'm worried."

"Alright. Then I'll be more careful."


"Good, just like that, do it ten more times!"

Listening to Dragon Town training Barry outside the door, Vincent Wolf was at the computer desk using the computer to search for some learning materials.

Although mobile phones were convenient, they were not as comfortable as looking at a big screen.

This world had mechanical pet beasts, and the management of network security was also handled by some professional mechanical pet beasts. These creatures were basically regulated, so there was no need to worry about network security and privacy leaks.

Soon, Vincent Wolf found a large number of learning materials such as human and beast combat techniques, Beast Encyclopedia information, and beast skill training courses.

The morning was purely for rest, but the afternoon could not be wasted. Since he had arrived in this world and inherited the karma of his predecessor, if he failed to work hard and was accidentally killed, it would be an injustice.

Vincent Wolf knew that his ability to release skills meant that he would be a major force in future Beast Master battles and might even be stronger than his pet beast.

In the future, he would contract different pet beasts, and perhaps as long as he mastered each pet beast's skill in the Simulation, he could learn them all.

As such, the types of pet beasts he would contract in the future should also be included in his planning. If a beast's skills suited him, perhaps it wouldn't be unacceptable to select one with a slightly lower species level.

The power of the internet was indeed great.

After just one look at the videos and information Vincent Wolf found, he felt enlightened.

Especially some low-level skills explanation and teaching courses, which made him gain new insights into these skills. He was looking forward to his performance in the next Simulation.

Speaking of Simulations, he remembered that the Water Mysterious Realm had already been approved, and he could already enter the next Mysterious Realm.

So Vincent Wolf started searching for information about Mysterious Realms within Los Angeles.

The reason for only searching in Los Angeles was because it was close and convenient, going to other cities would mean he couldn't attend school on time and would need to ask the teacher for leave. Although Vincent Wolf felt that going to school didn't matter, Dragon Town didn't think so.

Secondly, Mysterious Realms were strategic resources within each city. It was difficult for people from other cities to obtain qualifications, and they would have to pay a high price. There was not enough supply for their own people and even less for outsiders.

There were not many Mysterious Realms in Los Angeles. There were five One-Star Secret Realms, two Two-Star Secret Realms, one Three-Star Secret Realm, and a newly discovered Three-Star Magic Domain.

The Water Mysterious Realm was a Two-Star Secret Realm, which had the presence of high-ranking commander-level pet beasts.

However, since the Water Mysterious Realm had a wide range and a step-like distribution of beast strength, most of the outer periphery were low species and low-level pet beasts, making it suitable for Apprentice Beast Masters.

The one-star secret realms were intended for students, and even college students were supposed to use one-star secret realms. However, the Water Mysterious Realm, as a special two-star secret realm, was open to some top high schools and universities.

A one-star secret realm wasn't useful, as the highest level was only high-level Extraordinary. The Water Mysterious Realm was enough for Vincent Wolf at this stage.

His main target was the other Two-Star Secret Realm and the Three-Star Secret Realm in Los Angeles. After searching online, he gained a general understanding of them.

The other Two-Star Secret Realm was called Four Seasons Secret Realm, which was divided into five areas: spring, summer, autumn, winter, and a special mixed area in the center. Unlike the Water Mysterious Realm with mostly Water Attribute beasts, the pet beasts inside Four Seasons Secret Realm had various attributes.

Compared with the Water Mysterious Realm, the Four Seasons Secret Realm was much more dangerous since its pet beasts' strength was evenly distributed, making it unsuitable for rookies.

Moreover, the key was that the conditions for approval by the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm in this place were not yet found. This meant that for a long time, Vincent Wolf might not be able to enter another Mysterious Realm, sealing his Beast-controlling Talent.

As for the Three-Star Secret Realm, he found very little information about it since it was a realm with Monarch-level pet beasts, open only to Master-level Beast Masters.

He only knew that the secret realm was called the Light and Dark Mysterious Realm, and there were some scattered pieces of information about it on the internet.

Vincent Wolf left the small building and asked Dragon Town, "Do you know about the Three-Star Secret Realm, the Light and Dark Mysterious Realm?"

"Of course I know about it." Dragon Town was a little puzzled by Vincent Wolf's sudden question.

"Have you been there? Tell me more about it."

"I haven't been there myself because I didn't want to choose another master. But I do know a bit about that place." Dragon Town told Vincent Wolf everything he knew.

The Three-Star Secret Realm was owned by the government, and the discoverer had a certain say in the matter. Then the Grandmaster Beast masters each had a few quotas.

As for Master-level Beast Masters, they needed a deep background or outstanding contributions to be eligible for a quota.