Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

Wild Savage Ape → Eight-Arms Mad Ape → Primordial Grey Ape...... After Chen Fan and tens of thousands of people had crossed over to the world of Guardian Beasts, he discovered that he could view the evolution paths and methods of evolution for the Guardian Beasts. The Guardian Beasts he cultivated could assist him in gathering void energy when they killed monsters! When the Golden Gyrfalcon kills fifteen level 12 two-headed bugs, System Energy +450 points were awarded. When the Wild Savage Ape kills eight level 11 Wind Wolves, System Energy +166 points were awarded...... Energy can be used to enhance Star Power, increase mental strength, open up meridians, and even......duplicate other Guardian Beasts’ skills! What skill has your Guardian Beast awoken after breaking through? Excuse me, I really don't care whether my Guardian Beast has awakened any skills because all of your Guardian Beasts’ skills can become my Guardian Beast’s skills. From then on, Chen Fan became insanely fond of raising beasts. ———————————— In the world of monsters...... Mountains, rivers, and plants can all transform and take shape, and even antique swords can cultivate sword spirits. Demons, monsters, giants, elves, insect races......have pushed human's living space to the limit. It was only when the Beastmasters, who could form contracts with monsters, appeared that mankind had a fresh start. Two thousand years later, Chen Fan made his appearance. He tilted his head slightly upward, speaking to his Guardian Beast...... Centuries later, if I become a legend, my tale will surely include you. Centuries later, if you become a legend, I hope that......your tale also includes me. With me in Tang Country, we are unvanquishable! With me on Blue Star, even God Demons should flee!

Colorless Sea · Eastern
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1291 Chs

Chapter 1: Teleporting Mist, Blue Star!

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"Little brother, stop sleeping, something big is happening!"


Who is it?

Who's saying I'm handsome?

Feeling someone pulling on his arm, Chen Fan opened his eyes with some impatience.

The next moment, the scene before him left him momentarily dumbfounded...

It was a massive square.

Countless people filled the square, some in panic, others shouting loudly, creating chaos and confusion.

Strangely enough, everyone seemed to be between the ages of eighteen to twenty-seven or twenty-eight.

No elderly people.

No children.

All these people were surrounded by a mysterious, pitch-black fog in the center of the square!

No one knew what was outside the fog.

All they could see, apart from the throngs of people, was a light column about fifty meters high in the center of the square.

The column emitted a soft white light, illuminating the whole square.

However, the white light could not penetrate the surrounding mist.

All of this made the scene feel eerie and unreal.


What was going on?

Why were many people talking about "being transported"?

I was clearly playing with "Snowy" on the grass in the park, how did I end up in such a strange place?

Just as Chen Fan was bewildered, a furry head rubbed against his palm.


Chen Fan looked down at the Ragdoll cat in his arms, suddenly feeling a warmth in his heart.

Under these eerie circumstances, having Snowy by his side helped dispel much of his fear.

Just then, the morning sun rose, and the mist suddenly began to dissipate rapidly.

As soon as the mist dissipated, people hadn't had time to rejoice when they were completely shocked by the scene before them...

In the square's four directions, southeast, northwest, there stood enormous and terrifying monsters!

A twenty-meter-tall Black Ape, its eyes filled with murderous intent;

A giant red ant larger than an elephant, breathing fire;

A tiger with horns and a tail like a Meteor Hammer, slowly swinging its tail, creating pits on the ground;

And a green bull resembling a mammoth, which lay on the ground as if asleep, but each exhale stirred up a Gale!

Each monster was enormous in size and exuded an overwhelmingly fierce aura, causing people to retreat in fear!

Atop the monsters' backs or shoulders, stood a person.

Three men and one woman.

The four of them were not very old, seemingly in their early twenties, wearing battle armor and carrying swords on their backs, looking imposing.

Especially the woman on the Black Ape's shoulder...

She was about 1.77 meters tall, wearing armor but revealing slender and pale legs which caught the eye, making it easy for one's mind to wander.

However, in this situation, no one dared to look at her twice.

After all, the Black Ape was terrifying enough.


At the edge of the square, there were rows of strangely shaped armored tanks and... soldiers wearing armor, their guns loaded and ready!

Dark gun muzzles and cannon barrels aimed at the dense crowd...

Everyone in the square instantly felt their hair stand on end!

"Damn it, what's going on? Are aliens invading?"

A muscular man nearby, possibly in his mid-twenties, couldn't help but let out a curse.

Chen Fan couldn't help but take a second look at the man.

He recognized his voice...

This man must have been the one who had woken him up by pulling on his arm earlier.

"I was clearly working overtime at the company, how did I end up in such a strange place?"

"What happened? Why did I end up here as soon as I crossed the school gate?"

"This... this probably isn't Earth anymore, look at those monsters... That gigantic ant is even larger than an elephant, and it's spewing fire from its mouth!"

"Did we get transported? So many people transported together? Are we some kind of chosen ones?"

"I want to go home... wu wu!"

People were discussing, their expressions varied.

Some were overjoyed, some were in tears.

Some had emotionless faces, some were panicking like crazy.

But everyone's voice was subdued.

After all, there were four terrifying monsters surrounding them, and black gun muzzles pointed at them.

No one dared to make a scene under these circumstances.

Chen Fan was no exception.

At eighteen years old, he might have seemed calm on the surface, but he was panicking inside.

Having grown up in an orphanage and experienced hardships, he couldn't help but feel apprehensive in the face of this eerie situation.



The twenty-meter-tall Black Ape let out an angry roar.

The roar echoed through the sky!

Many people felt their eardrums in pain!

The whole square became silent instantly!

The Ragdoll cat Snowy, being held by Chen Fan, was also startled and buried its head deep in Chen Fan's arms.

"Don't be scared, I'm here!"

Chen Fan hurriedly reassured it.

At this moment, the woman standing on the Black Ape's shoulder nodded in satisfaction, raised her hand and waved it gently.

Above the void, a light screen appeared out of nowhere.

Large Chinese characters slowly appeared on the screen...

People immediately crowded forward, trying to get a closer look.

Chen Fan followed the crowd, quickly reading the text on the light screen.

After five or six minutes, Chen Fan looked away.

This place really wasn't Earth anymore...