12 Changing Houses (Part 4)

His mother paused for a moment, then said, "Little Riley, how about we move to a new house?"

Riley froze, his eating halted as he asked, puzzled, "Why do we need to move to a new house?"

Property prices in Enchantia City, the capital of Vibrantia State, were exorbitantly high.

Their current residence, Weaver Grand Resident, might not be in the most expensive area of Enchantia City, but due to its convenient location with nearby schools and subway access, it still cost over 50,000 League Coins per square meter.

This house had been bought by his father's family as a wedding gift for his mother when property prices were not as high.

His mother took a bite of her food, swallowed, glanced at Riley, and after a moment, she said, "I just went out and inquired with a real estate agent. Our current house is 133 square meters, and the current market price is around 53,000 League Coins per square meter. It can be sold for over 7 million League Coins."

She continued, "I've thought it over, we can buy a smaller house, make a down payment, and still have plenty left to buy you a Medibell."

"Plus, your mother can still earn money. Other than moving to a slightly smaller house, nothing else will change for us."

Riley was dumbfounded.

In just a few hours, his mother had made such a significant decision without consulting it with him.

"Mom..." He began to speak, trying to expressing his thoughts.

However, his mother interrupted him directly, "Even though your grades aren't great, you awakened independently, and your talent is evident."

"Our family may not be very wealthy, but if you want a particular type of Spirit Beast, your mother can get it for you."

"As long as you promise me that you won't treat it like you do with your studies, like not being consistent. You need to nurture it properly."

Initially, Yelena didn't have this idea, but her son had expressed a desire for a Psychic-type Spirit Beast.

Her son's independent awakening indicated that he had real talent as a Beast Tamer.

Their family had never had a child who awakened independently before.

Since that was the case, buying a relatively expensive but promising Spirit Beast that he also liked wasn't a big deal.

This was what a responsible mother should do.

Riley couldn't quite put his feelings into words, but he knew that the unfinished matcha ice cream he was holding in his hand was helping to cool the warmth that had slowly welled up in his heart.

He looked into His mother's eyes and smiled, saying, "Mom, you said it yourself that I awakened independently, and my talent is there. So, i can nurture any kind of Spirit Beast."

"I was just talking before, I don't really want to contract a Medibell. Please don't sell the house."

His mother got up to pour a glass of water, then paused for a moment and said, "I know you want a Medibell, you awakened independently..."

Riley didn't let her finish her sentence and said earnestly, "I've researched all afternoon and evening, and I think Fire Dog is great. I want it."

Medibell had Psychic-type, making it excellent, but there were also Dragon-type, Fairy-type, and Ghost-type Spirit Beasts that were also excellent.

However, Riley felt that although they were rare and powerful but he doesn't necessarily need to own them.

It was just like some people who liked to talk big and said that they wanted a legendary Spirit Beast from the start.

Having a Spirit Beast that belonged to him and within his own abilities was what he truly wanted.

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