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Beast and Prince


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"Having a Human Mate is nothing but trouble." The prince's eyes shifted, darkening a bit as he leaned towards her. She was startled by his sudden movement that she did not notice his hand sliding across the cushion of the couch to touch her hand. Her eyes jumped from his face to their touching hands. The warm feeling she had was the result of his slight touch. "I won't run away." She snatched her hand away, hating the way her breathing had hitched as he peered into her blue eyes. "Why is that, your Highness?" Her upper lip curled up in a sneer. "You might not be scared now, but there's not a single human that doesn't succumb to their fear." "Kiera I've been inundated with kidnapping and assassination attempts since my life began. Trying to scare me off as you did to those noblewomen isn't going to work." His soft dark eyebrows knitted together, and a look of exasperation was beginning to take shape on his handsome face. Kiera scoffed, keeping the sneer on her lips. "We shall see about that." She did not know what had come over her as her hands went up to push on the prince's shoulders. His green eyes widened as he looked up at her, now trapped underneath her. He was held down by her hands as she climbed on top. Her eyes shone a dangerous blue. A predator's gaze. Her hair fell, the tips of her raven hair brushing the prince's face. "I can rip you to shreds." She said with force behind her words. "With a single bite, I can tear chunks of your flesh clean off." She lowered her face down to him. She was so close to him now that she could feel his hot breath on her face. She could hear his crazed heart as it beat against his chest. His breathing became ragged as he stared back into her predatory gaze. "I can, and I am quite capable, of eating you." A playful smile bloomed on his lips, and determined to drive her insane, he brought his face forward and whispered into her ear. "Please do." ———————— Fifty years of peace are coming to a close. The Golden Rose Treaty between Beasts and the rest of the continent brought an era of temporary peace for all the kingdoms. Now, the leaders of the kingdoms must gather to begin drafting another treaty. Deep South in the heart of Wolfcrye Forest lies the capital of the Beast Kingdom and twenty-five-year-old Kiera Blackwater is one of twelve Generals in the Beast Army. All her life she has dedicated herself to punishing the Beasts who lose sight of their humanity, but all that is put on hold when she is chosen by her King as part of the peace treaty delegation. Kiera is then thrown into the confusing world of humans, where women are expected to be docile and kind, complacent and never opinionated, everything Kiera is not. There she meets the equally as confusing Third Prince of the Solomon Kingdom, who is nothing as he seems. Ever smiling and with eyes full of mischief, the prince is every bit perplexing as the human customs she has come to see. She is even more baffled when the prince is determined to become her Mate, proposing a three-month deal that he can win her heart. As trouble spells the end of peace forever, the Beast General will have to struggle against her rising feelings as the prince inches closer to capturing her heart. ———————— Update Schedule: Once every week ***Cover art is not mine***


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