132 We can finally relax

They received the contract an hour later and DX immediately ordered Han Ye to change their flights to an earlier time.

When the plane finally took off, Han Ye immediately ordered a glass of red wine.

"We can finally relax..." said Han Ye before slumping down in his seat.

With a brow raised, DX warned, "Watch yourself. You are in public. With me. Don't embarrass me."

Han Ye laughed as he raised a glass, "It's ok. We are in first class and there's no one here anyway. The past week has been like hell! We must take some rest!"

Since Han Ye had worked hard the past week, DX allowed him to relax. However, about an hour and 4 glasses of red wine later, Han Ye was humming Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space' loudly.

The stewardess exchanged glances and giggles when Han Ye's started singing instead of humming.

Annoyed, DX grabbed Han Ye and threw him to business class.

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