129 I want a kiss now...

While she was sitting on John who she had knocked out earlier, she went through the photos in his phone.

It was easy to unlock it since he set up the fingerprint unlock system.

"Ah, John John. You have been a naughty boy. You called that a dick pic? That's pathetic!"

Once she was done with the photo folder, she went through his personal emails and his entire Google Drive.

When she found a file titled Private, she opened it and found hundreds of photos.

In the photos, the girls were all in compromising position and they were all unconscious.

In addition, she found messages that on first glance, appeared to be him asking someone to pay back the money he loan them.

However, since she had seen the photo, she knew that he had probably threatened them using the photos.

Glaring at the unconscious man angrily, she felt sorry for those girls.

She stood up and kicked him as hard as she could in the gonads. The man woke up immediately and groaned in pain.

Glaring at the man who was rolling around the floor, she snapped, "Who told you to wake up?"

She punched him hard in the face and knocked him out cold again.

Kai Xin continued to go through his other files.

She found a suspicious email in the 'Thrash' folder and when she opened it, it was a detailed transaction of misappropriation of the company's money.

In addition, there was a series of emails between him and an anonymous person.

She glanced down at him in disgust before scowling at him, "Stealing from President Du? You are so dead!"


Turning to the sound, she noticed that her phone was vibrating and went to check it out.

When she saw who it was, she accepted the video call immediately.

With a smile, she answered, "Heyyy...How's work?"

DX smiled when he saw that she was wearing her bra. However, when he saw her flushed face, he dropped the smile.

His expression darkened further when he saw a handprint on her face.

In a low, threatening voice, he asked, "Who did that?"

"Huh?" Touching her face, she shrugged, "The office pervert. He got me when I wasn't paying attention."

DX stood up abruptly as he asked nervously, "Are you safe? Where are you now? I'll send someone over."

"I'm safe. Don't worry, but..." said Kai Xin. She glanced at the unconscious man and continued, "...you might need a new Head of Accounts."

DX's eyes softened. He cannot stop looking at the handprint on her face. If only he was there, he would have ripped the bastard's arms off.

Knowing that he was upset, she said softly to coax him, "I'm fine. Really..."

She glared at the bruises on the unconscious man then glanced around the room. She had been a little violent and kind of 'accidentally' dislocated the man's arm.

Luckily she had stuffed his mouth with the pillow cover before someone heard his loud scream.

Turning back to face him, she added, "He's in a worse off condition than me."

He scowled, "I don't care if he has a million cuts and you have one. He's not my woman. You are!"

She placed a hand on her chest. Somehow, his possessiveness made her happy.

Eager to change the conversation, she asked excitedly, "Are you calling to tell me that you are coming back soon?"

DX shook his head, "There's some complication, but I would settle it as soon as possible. Don't change the subject. Where are you now?"

Kai Xin told him the address before asking, "What are you going to do?"

DX looked away from the camera as he talked to Han Ye. When he turned back, he said,

"I need to know who his victims are before I send him to the police. They should be the ones to decide what they want to do."

Kai Xin agreed with his decision.

They were the ones who had to go through the interrogation, so they should be the one to decide.

"Kara, don't ever do this without talking to me first."

Kai Xin pouted, "But I want to catch the guy as soon as possible."

"You should have called for backup. How did you know it's him?"

She told him about how she met him at the staircase,

"He mentioned that he was smoking, but there was no smell on him. You know how I hate the smell of cigarettes. I wasn't sure if he is the pervert so I was merely testing the water. That's why I didn't call for backups."

When she saw him sighing with his eyes closed, she murmured guiltily, "Are you angry?"

He looked at her with concern reflected in his eyes. His eyes were glued to the handprint on her face. It reminded him of the time he slapped her and that angered him.

Closing his eyes, he tried to control his emotion. After a while, he replied softly, "No, I'm not."

With a low voice, she pointed out, "You are lying."

Pinching his glabella, he sighed, "Fine. I was a little bit angry that you'd put yourself in danger, but more than that, I'm worried about you. Does it hurt?"

She knew he was asking about her face. It stung earlier but the pain was gone.

"No, it doesn't hurt."

There was a moment of silence as they looked at each other before they both said in unison, "I miss you."

Kai Xin smiled and added, "Faster come back so that I can have someone to warm my bed. It's bad for my health to sleep on a cold bed every night."

DX chuckled when he heard the way she tried to tease him, "I'd be back as soon as I get the deal done. "

When they heard someone knocking from her side, DX told her to wait while he checked with Han Ye.

She heard Han Ye over the phone,

"They have arrived at the door of Room 657."

DX turned back to face Kai Xin and when he noticed that she was still in her underwear, he said gruffly, "Cover yourself up."

Rolling her eyes at him, she went to put on a robe before opening the door.

Guards wearing uniform with the Du Family's crest saluted her.

"He's inside." said Kai Xin before she stepped aside.

As the guards manhandled John, Kai Xin continued talking to DX and she told him about what she found in John's emails.

Still maintaining his composure, DX told her to give the phone to the guards and they would know what to do it.

"Would there be any troubles? He came in through connections right?"

DX shook his head, "The person backing him up is nothing to me."

"If you say so... "

Kai Xin handed the phone to the leader of the guards before she sent them out.



"I want a kiss."

DX froze. He had never heard her asking for a kiss before.

When he did not reply, Kai Xin pouted, "DX, I want a kiss now..."

He blushed slightly before blowing her a kiss, "Is that enough for now?"

She pretended to catch his kiss and nodded happily, "Yeah, enough for now."

When he saw her being so happy over such small matter, it made him wanted to give her more.

Even the fatigue and stress that he was feeling earlier was gone when he saw her smiling face.

He pretended to flick her forehead before saying with a smirk, "Be good. No more messing around. I'll kiss you as many times as you want when I go back to you."


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