424 Do you think I'm just a silly old man?


While DX and Kai Xin were at home, unnoticed by anyone other than the night staff, Callum was actually at a fancy restaurant in the city center. He was waiting inside a private room with another woman.

Old Master Shenlong gave Callum an ultimatum. If he did not voluntarily bring his pregnant woman over for a formal introduction, Old Master Shenlong would visit her personally. In his message, he even said, "If you do anything as dumb as hiding her somewhere, I'd do everything in my power to find out her whereabouts. Don't forget who still rules the underground world…"

Callum was defeated by his grandfather's stubbornness. He had been trying to avoid the issue by saying that his "girlfriend" went overseas but after a month, his grandfather asked again. Old Master Shenlong did not believe that a pregnant woman who was about to give birth would still remain overseas instead of coming back to be with the father of her baby.

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