"Ok... Jungkook, now you've lost the game, you have to make her yours"

A smirk appeared on his face as he gulps down the beer seductively eyeing the picture placed before him.

He sides eye the picture as he nods drinking in the sexy picture of the blond girl in a sea green bikini suit. The swimsuit set fits her slim slightly tanned body showing off the designated curves at the right place.

"Wow not bad... Those tits will fit right in my hands" 

"Sasha! Guess you know her?" 

His friend Taehyung asked looking at Jungkook with a smile.

"Who doesn't know her? This is the best of all the girls you've shown me"

"But that's a tough one" Jin mumbled to himself not that interested in their little play

"Everything on the skirt will always be your best" Jimin snorted as he places the cocktail on the bar stool.

"Yeah who will ever turn down a beautiful lady but her's is different. Not only beautiful but also sexy, oh man check out that figure and confirm with your eyes... She is the best"

"Dude don't get yourself falling for her" Namjoon who has been quietly listening chipped in.

"Hush that's stupid... Women fall for me and not the other way round"

"No going back, so no matter what make her yours"  Jimin cockily said raising his glass.

"Why worry about that when she is already Mine? Ready, shoot "

Author's Note

Playboy Jungkook;

Thought of writing something different from my writing type...

Gotta give warnings: This will be a lot more smutty and character changes.

English is not my first language and I write in British English;

Hope you enjoy it and be with me till the end, love you guys.

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