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In the country of France, during the African War, 'Arya'!, was given the name 'Devil of the Battlefield' by his enemies and also known as the God of the Black Land, who used to fear him. However, during a mission to kill Michel, a group of Sunni supporters behind the dark exploits of Isis, Arya was killed by a sharp bullet coming from behind him. As the vision before his eyes dimmed, he saw thirteen members of his team, who had full faith in him, being killed one after the other. As Arya awaits death after being shot by a traitor, he is saved by a mysterious force and wakes up 3 years later in India. However, he was in the body of another 'Aryan', a 19-year-old high school boy who was being bullied in school. Arya's journey to take revenge on the traitor and find out the truth behind his reincarnation begins now!


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