146 The Final Bow

As Tino's barrage approached its climax, three monsters eyed him like a scrap of meat. Aurum who tanked his blows, Lars waiting for Tino to expose a weak point, and Geo who drew in a crazy amount of Mana into his bone sword.

Inwardly the giant man started to grow tense. 'What the fuck is this, why am I trembling? I am more than twice their level! The ones that should be running scared are them!' The moment Tino's [Brawlers Barrage] ended, his opponents launched skill after skill against him.

The first to move was Lars, he leaped into the air and impaled both his Spirit-covered long swords into Tino's eyes. At 1500 STR, even blows to the face rarely make it to the brain. Or more like the brain itself increases in durability it is almost as hard as the person's skull.


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