1 Welcome to the War Between Gods and Evils, Please Choose Your Target of Fusion

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Qin Xiao pounded his head and slowly got up from the ground. He couldn't even count how many times he had transmigrated. The repeated deaths had already familiarized him with this feeling.

However, this transmigration was exceptionally different. He was born in a hall. Although there were sparkling flames around him, he could not see anything clearly.

Just as he was sizing up his surroundings, he heard a voice.

Welcome to the war between angels and demons.

Total number of players participating in this game: 10 trillion!

Rules of the game

1. Players will be randomly divided into "Angel" and "Demon" camps!

2. The dead players will be erased from the original world!

3. The players who successfully establish or destroy a "Divine Realm" will obtain the victory of the first stage!

4. After the first stage of the game is completed, the players can choose to "Continue the game" or "Return to the original world".

You have been assigned to the camp: Demons!

Please fuse with your Demon Egg within 10 minutes. Players who have not made their choice by the deadline will be erased!

Enjoy the game!

Qin Xiao fell into deep thought after reading the information.

As a transmigrator, Qin Xiao was not surprised by this.

"10 trillion? Looks like there's definitely more than one world that's been teleported here."

"If they want to accommodate this number of people, the map will definitely be extremely huge."

"From the looks of it, that final mission about the Divine Realm will definitely be very difficult!"

"In fact, a Divine Realm might be the size of a planet."

"There are no loopholes in the rules to exploit, so the Demon Egg? will be the key to occupying the initiative."

Qin Xiao was lucky. During one of his transmigrations, he was a professional eSports player.

After adapting to his identity, he immediately analyzed his situation and solution.

As he thought of this, the dark hall lit up with countless blue lights.

The light came from the balls of light floating in the air in front of him.

"Looks like they're Demon Eggs!"

"After being erased, I don't know if there will be another chance to transmigrate, but I can't take the risk."

"This is the only time I've transmigrated to a world with strange energy. I'm afraid I'll really die if I'm erased!"

"This decision is extremely important!"

"But the balls of light in front of us look exactly the same. This is completely a test of luck!"


This must not happen!

Qin Xiao never believed in luck.

He could not place his life on a miracle!

Seconds ticked by.

Five minutes passed, but Qin Xiao still did not make a decision.

He carefully observed the Demon Eggs one by one, trying to find a pattern.

However, the more he looked, the more cold sweat on his head. He realized that these light balls were exactly the same!

Player's special physique detected. Binding it to this game!

Just as Qin Xiao was hesitating, he heard another voice.

Player "Qin Xiao" obtained the item "True Vision" (unique; permanent; cannot be destroyed, transferred, discarded, or stolen). It came from the eye of the God of Truth and was inherited from the most unparalleled power. All illusions in the world will be exposed in his eyes!

Before he could continue, Qin Xiao felt a sharp pain in his eyes.

After a long time, the pain slowly subsided. Qin Xiao opened his eyes again and looked at the balls of light in front of him.

Everything in his eyes had changed!

Lines of words appeared on the balls of light!

Qin Xiao moved closer to one of the balls.

Gemini Demons—Low-level demons. Twin demons from the human world. Rumor has it that they were transformed from a pair of abandoned twins. After fusing, they became Gemini Demons. They can comprehend cloning skills… Low aptitude, not recommended!

"That's great!"

"With the help of the True Vision, I can see through these Demon Eggs!"

However, the one in front of him was obviously not suitable. Although the clone ability was very tempting, low-level aptitude was definitely not good enough for Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao threw the Demon Egg aside and quickly searched for a Demon Egg with a higher aptitude.

Qin Xiao only had less than three minutes left due to the hesitation just now.

Therefore, he only glanced at many Demon Eggs before quickly looking for the next one.

Mother-Child Demon—Low-level Aptitude… Not recommended!

Gluttonous Demon—Low-level Aptitude… Not recommended!

Although there were many low-level Demon Eggs, with the help of the True Vision, Qin Xiao found a different one without much effort.

Three-Eyed Demon—Intermediate-level demon from Hell. Blood is his paradise, and scream is his music! After fusing, he will become a Three-Eyed Demon and obtain the talent of Intimidation. His talent is low, so it is not recommended to choose him!

Although he was an intermediate demon, his talent was too trashy.

This was clearly not within Qin Xiao's choice.

Qin Xiao put it aside as backup and continued to search the sea of eggs.

Soon, he had a new harvest!

Reckless Demon—A high-level demon with a high aptitude. A supreme warrior from the Demon City! Slaughter! Destroy! Go and fight for the glory that belongs to the Reckless Demons! After fusing, it will become a Reckless Demon. It will obtain a Strength Talent. Its aptitude is passable. Recommended!

Not bad!

He finally found a high-grade aptitude. He carefully placed it aside.

However, it was not good enough!

There was only a minute left!

Qin Xiao continued to search for more powerful Demon Eggs.

Illusory Chaos Demon—Super Aptitude! One of the supreme bloodlines of the Chaos Demon Regions, a noble existence that controls boundless illusions! He will walk out of the abyss and destroy the fake existences! After fusing, he will become an Illusory Chaos Demon and obtain talents like illusions and chaos. His aptitude is relatively high, so he is strongly recommended to pick!

Qin Xiao was overjoyed.

He did not expect to really find an existence with super aptitude for him. With this aptitude, he had grasped the initiative in this game!

There were only thirty seconds left!

He placed the Demon Egg closest to him and continued to search for a better Demon Egg.

Twenty seconds!

Ten seconds!

Five seconds!

At the last second, Qin Xiao was about to fuse with the Illusory Chaos Demon's Egg when a line of words suddenly flashed before his eyes, causing him to stop what he was doing.

Ultimate aptitude!

Before he could take a closer look, Qin Xiao suddenly jumped forward and grabbed the Demon Egg with the ultimate aptitude!


The blood-colored light enveloped Qin Xiao, and an indescribable comfort enveloped his entire body.

It was as if he would enter the most beautiful world in the next second!

As the bloody light slowly fused into Qin Xiao's body, his appearance had undergone a tremendous change!

Qin Xiao transformed into a ten-meter-long red dragon. Every scale on his body was as hot and hard as lava.

Every breath he took was scorching hot, almost melting the ground!

"Is this a demon?"

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