7 Soul Space

Seth walked out of the bathroom and went to the wardrobe in his room, his wardrobe was quite big with enough space for 6 people to comfortably sit and still have adequate space between them.

Unlike other people's wardrobes which are normally filled with clothes, shoes, and other wears, 80% of Seth's room was filled with books, a desk, and an office chair with various drawings of seals on the wall.

For the first time since he could remember, Seth spared only a glance at this side of the wardrobe and then moved to the side filled with clothes.

He picked out a black plain trouser and a red long-sleeved shirt and wore them, he searched along one of the shelves and picked up black glasses which he put on and then brushed down his hair.

He looked at the man in the mirror and surprisingly other than a light paleness to his skin, he looked as he always did.

Seth had always had a slim body frame but after yesterday's transformation, though hadn't gotten all beefed up, he now had perfectly toned muscles all over his body, but with his clothes covering it up, he looked like your everyday nerd.

After dressing up, he moved to the other side of the wardrobe and sat down in his office chair, he leaned into it with a sigh as his mind began wandering.

He had almost lost control of himself this morning but fortunately for Miss Alexi he had regained himself just at the right times, she had no idea how close she was to experiencing torture or possibly death by sex.

He closed his eyes and took in deep breaths and exhaled loudly, the sound of his breathing was all that could be heard in the room.

For the next 5 minutes, this continued and then he opened his eyes and looked at the new but familiar environment he was now in.

If his conjunctures were right, then this space should be located in the depth of his soul but this time around he hadn't arrived as just a consciousness, he had arrived with a physical form, though he wasn't sure what this body was made of, he could move his hands and legs like he were in his true body.

The last time he came here, he had found himself deep underwater unable to move an inch, but this time he found himself standing on the same dark red viscous sea surrounded by a world of red with a black sun hanging high up in the sky and an island floating some distance above him.

Other than the small island above him, all he could see for endless miles was this red sea and it gave the place a creepy atmosphere.

He bent down and tried to feel the water but when his hand made contact, the surface of the water merely stretched down as he pressed, and then it bounced back up when he released the pressure

The surface of the sea behaved like a really strong elastic membrane and would let nothing get through it or perhaps he was just too weak to break through it.

He could faintly feel the aura of that entity coming from within the sea but fortunately or unfortunately for him, it was asleep.

"I need to quickly get stronger if I want to awaken it and get answers without putting myself at risk" he mumbled to himself as he thought back to the message the entity had sent him yesterday.


"25 years of slumber and you are still so weak, unfortunately, I need to force myself back into hibernation, or else your bloodline will awaken and those greedy fiendcelestials will sense you and come here to devour you.

Given your pathetic level of power, we can both guess how such an encounter will end.

I will suppress and seal these two bloodline consciousnesses in you, they contain a wealth of information that you can access and use to grow fast in this limited world.

The stronger you are, the more memories you can pull out of them.

Remember all you need is battle and sex, don't forget that.

For now, I will use what power I can afford to expose to give you relevant memories you currently need from them.

Flashback end!!!

He had felt the aura of the two consciousness, and they had been dreadful yet that entity had easily suppressed them while using as little power as possible.

Yet this very same entity actually forced itself into slumber just to hide away from a particular group of enemies it called fiendcelestials, he couldn't imagine what level of strength they possessed yet he most likely had to face them in the future.

The thought of so many people with power all around him and him having to hide from any of them irritated him and his pride screamed for power to eradicate them.

This swing in his emotions immediately reflected on the red sea as it turned turbulent with huge waves forming and tsunamis descending.

It almost looked like the end of the world scenario as the storms raged yet the area 10 meters around Seth was unaffected as if the seas feared to disturb him.

He took calm breaths and when he had gotten a hold of himself, he looked at the island in the sky and willed himself to go there and like a teleport, he found himself in a huge dimly lit room with a really high ceiling and could feel two different powerful qi signatures.

He could barely make out two large cages as tall as the room whose bars were made of deep purple qi, and within these cages, he could feel terrifying qi signatures.

As he observed the room, four orbs of light lit up in the room, two in each cage but on closer inspection, they looked more like a pair of eyes.

Both of these red eyes looked in his direction as they moved up and down seeming to inspect him and then the lights went out as they closed their eyes.

Seth merely smiled and with a thought conjured a huge throne made of lightning and black flames between the two cages, this was one of the advantages of being in this space, he could make his thoughts a reality to a certain extent.

He sat on the throne like an emperor in his palace and stretched out his right hand toward the cage on the left, barely a second later, a strand of the purple qi could be seen straining to detach itself from one of the bars and then it slowly flew to his palm.

He could feel a close connection to it as he grasped it within his palm but at the same time, he could feel a force pulling it away from him, the next instant he opened his hand and it shot out and quickly flew back to the cage and seamlessly merged back with it.

Seth sighed at this, this was probably the qi of that entity and the qi of his bloodline but that entity had locked away his bloodline and his access to that qi with it.

It was unfortunate that he couldn't judge its strength as he felt no pressure from it, but seeing how it was able to hold these two terrors in cages, it should be really powerful he thought.

Removing himself from such thoughts, he returned his attention back to the two cages, while he might not be able to overpower these two terrors or inconvenience them for now, this was still his soul space and he could feel every movement in it.

He had felt a slight fluctuation of qi from them when he had pulled out the strand of qi from the cage.

"You just saw me manipulate the qi of your cages are you sure you want to keep on showing such disregard for me, the one being that can actually free you from these cages," Seth said in a serious tone.

He waited for some seconds but felt absolutely no reaction from them, showing absolute disregard for his words.

From the few memories that had been given to him, he couldn't blame them for being so arrogant and refusing to speak to a being as weak and young as him despite his significance to their freedom.

"You know, the bloodlines in my world are awfully weak, I wonder how strong they would get if I had them feed on your faith energy" Seth casually said after some thought.

Almost immediately, Seth could feel a terrifying pressure wash over him from both cages as a pair of huge red eyes opened and stared at him in anger.

The cages kept both consciousnesses in their cage and confined most of their aura, but the little aura which could get through was more than enough to squash Seth's physical and most importantly deliver fatal injuries to his soul which could leave him retarded.

But other than a slight discomfort, he was able to brush off the aura thanks to the greatest harvest he had gotten from yesterday.

Yesterday he had awakened his soul sense.

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