Battle and Sex Is All A Primordial Fiend Needs

That feeling of ripping through your enemies and the feel of their hot blood washing over your body. What better way to relax the body after a glorious victory than indulging in the carnal pleasure from conquered women. All Evary Seth desires is supreme power, carnal pleasure, to screw his wife whenever he can and of course, to conquer his ridiculously powerful mother-in-law. Seth wants to be the strongest, but who is stronger? A primordial fiend? Or its creator, a God? What do Gods do when their biggest attack dog turns on them. ****** This book screams smut but please don't forget the first word in its title, do expect smut, but also expect a superb plot with character development and a touch of romance all the way to the end. The book cover isn't mine, if you're the artist behind this masterpiece, and you want me to take it down! I would gladly do it, just inform me in the comments! Cover illustration credit: Unknown

Bad_Bishop · Fantasy
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500 Chs

Skilled lips [R-18]

"Nothing ", was all it said.

"Just make sure you don't embarrass the dragon clan, when your power increases and becomes satisfactory enough for my taste, I will tell you about your family, till then you can count on my help", the consciousness arrogantly said and closed its eyes.

The room was once again plundered into darkness.

Seth sat on his throne in disbelief, his lips twitching as he tried to stop himself from reacting to the bloodline conciseness words.

"How arrogant" he mumbled, it did all this just to place itself above him.

Now it seemed like he was begging for help while it was helping him due to their previous kinship and not because it was being held, hostage.

He couldn't call it out on the implications of its words, that will just be childish after all it had accepted to help him in the end.

As someone with almost the same arrogance and pride trying to make it properly swear servitude to him was like acknowledging that he needed it.

"HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!" Seth loudly laughed for some time like a madman with his hand covering his face.

"These old monsters can be quite crafty huh," he thought

"I can't always rely on my wits when dealing with such beings, only with power can I dominate them completely".

Suddenly Seth looked up at the dark ceiling and watched for a while then he said out loud, "oh it seems she's finally recovered ".

With a thought, everything around him faded away and the next moment he found himself back in his wardrobe.

He stood up from his chair and walked out to his room and at that very same moment, he could see Alexia stepping out of the bathroom.

"How do you feel," he asked her as he moved towards her.

Alexia was surprised when she saw Seth in the room and instead of replying to him after hearing his words, she instead retorted.

"Here I thought you had cajoled me in the tub so you could buy yourself time to run away, but it seems I overestimated your intelligence".

Alexia had a sneer on her face as she spoke to Seth but when he came close to her, she felt her legs soften at his presence and a blush creep up on her face.

"How do you feel," Seth asked again but this time looking her in eyes as he stroked her cheeks, he didn't use any techniques on her this time but he could see that the commands from the earlier hypnotism had rooted itself in her.

Perhaps he had been a little too harsh on her soul, he could only hope he hadn't damaged it.

Alexia wanted to reply him, but her eyes wonderingly glanced at his crotch area and there should see the outline of his hard dick which was being constrained by his trouser.

She immediately took a step back and looked at him with watery eyes, and pleadingly said.

"Please It still aches down there, let me use my mouth am quite skilled with it".

"I really dealt her psyche a hard blow, she assumed I wanted sex and didn't even entertain the thought of rejecting me and only complains out of self-preservation, I should be more careful how I use my soul sense in the future," Seth thought as he moved to the bed and then sat down on its edge.

"Might as well enjoy this misunderstanding" he thought.

"Come and show me how skilled your mouth is," he said with an inviting smile.

Alexia smiled with a nod like a little girl about to show off her talents, she dropped to her knees and crawled between Seth leg's, unbuckled his belt, and completely took off his trouser making Seth raise a brow.

"Seems she's going to go all out with this".

She then took off his underwear next and then held his dick with both her hands and stared at it like it were a big delicious lollipop.

She smacked her lips and then took out her tongue and began to lick the top of his dick while giving it an occasional kiss.

Then she suddenly wrapped her lips around the top of his dick and began sucking it gradually taking more of it into her mouth as she went.

As If that wasn't enough, she raised her head and looked into his eyes as she continued sucking.

Seth could feel the abnormal warmth of the inside of her mouth as she sucked him, "was this what she meant by her skills" he thought as waves of pleasure assaulted him.

When she couldn't in any more of his dick, she gave it a long suck and then took it out her mouth.

The sight of her spit drooling out of her mouth and connecting with his cock turned him on more and his dick almost began increasing in size but he stopped it.

Alexia gave him a smile and then opened her mouth wide and then swallowed over half of his cock, she didn't stop there as she slowly swallowed in more of it like her mouth was a pit with no end.

Before he knew it she had swallowed his whole dick and then while looking him in the eye, she placed both her hands behind her back and began moving her head up and down on his dick.

The sight of this usually troublesome milf fervently swallowing his dick while at the same time looking at him with eyes that begged for praise pushed him to the edge.

He immediately took a hold of her head, stood up, and began ramming his cock down her throat.

Throughout this, she didn't once gag or ask for a break, she kept on staring at him with a gaze filled with adoration and a plea for more.

Some minutes later, he found himself nutting down her throat, she pulled her head back and began sucking his remaining cum into her mouth, her expression showing how much she enjoyed its test.

Although he just came, the pressure in him didn't die down but instead evolved to a raging fire filled with a desire to taste her pussy.

Immediately he reached out and grabbed Alexia by the waist and threw her on the bed with her landing on all fours, he reached for her gown which he had worn before she came out of the bathroom, and tore it off.

Alexia tried resisting him when she felt her gown being torn off as she guessed his intention was to fuck her pussy but two heavy slaps to her ass stopped her struggles.

Little teardrops began dropping from out her eyes caused by the pain of the slaps but Seth did not stop his actions and instead pierced halfway into her with a single thrust.

"Ahhhh, please! Please take it out!" Alexia screamed.

Seth reached out to her arms and pulled her till her back touched his chest,

"I am sorry, you're just so sexy I couldn't resist tasting your pussy" Seth whispered in her ears and began kissing her all over her neck.

Then he held her face, turned it towards him, and had a long passionate kiss with her.

"Don't worry am going to make you feel real good okay!" Seth whispered once again in her ears, but this time she replied

"Okay Daddy, Fuck me as you want".

Seth was surprised at being called daddy but didn't have time to think about this as began moving his dick in and out of her while his hands grabbed her breasts and began fondling them.

As time went by Seth went faster and Alexia found herself moaning and cumming multiple times while Seth showed no sign of approaching an orgasm.

The sound of Seth's hips slapping against her fat ass as he fucked her and Alexia's moans of pleasure as she enjoyed his heavy thrusts filled the room.

Seth saw no reason to change their sex position as he became engrossed in the sensation of Alexia's pussy gripping his dick, especially the times when she came.

Minutes later his hands gripped her neck tightly as he fucked Alexia harder, he looked down and the sight of her ass rippling time as he fucked her and the clenching of her pussy as she orgasmed for the fifth time sent him over the edge and he finally came together with her

When he was done with his orgasm, he sat back down on the bed and watched Alexia fall face down on the bed with heavy breaths and cum slowly flowing out of her pussy.

He watched with intrigue as Alexia struggled and crawled over to his dick and began sucking the cum left in it.

"No wonder she is the Governor's favorite mistress," he thought, "her love for cum is quite a turn on, guess am going to have to kill the governor" he casually thought.

When Alexia was done sucking the cum out of his dick, she began cleaning up his dick with slow licks but she then discovered that he was quickly getting hard again, She weakly looked at him with a questioning and fearful look.

Seth understood her worries and luckily for her there was something he wanted to do before satisfying any more of his sexual cravings.

"With how early you began terrorizing this building, I doubt you had breakfast this morning, go take a shower am going to prepare us something to eat," Seth said as he put on a robe and walked out of the room.

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