Battle and Sex Is All A Primordial Fiend Needs

That feeling of ripping through your enemies and the feel of their hot blood washing over your body. What better way to relax the body after a glorious victory than indulging in the carnal pleasure from conquered women. All Evary Seth desires is supreme power, carnal pleasure, to screw his wife whenever he can and of course, to conquer his ridiculously powerful mother-in-law. Seth wants to be the strongest, but who is stronger? A primordial fiend? Or its creator, a God? What do Gods do when their biggest attack dog turns on them. ****** This book screams smut but please don't forget the first word in its title, do expect smut, but also expect a superb plot with character development and a touch of romance all the way to the end. The book cover isn't mine, if you're the artist behind this masterpiece, and you want me to take it down! I would gladly do it, just inform me in the comments! Cover illustration credit: Unknown

Bad_Bishop · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
500 Chs

Hard Morning [R-18]

"All tenants please ...… down to ...… an emergency meeting", "all tenants come .... the lobby for an emergency ... ", a loud robotic voice repeatedly spoke out of a speaker.

"Annoying" was all Seth thought as he ignored whatever announcement was being made and kept on sleeping.

3 hours later

"Young man, open this door right now, or am going to throw you out of this building, do you hear me!? ", "stupid brat open up this door…", "get out here right now", this time a female voice could be heard banging on the door of his apartment.

Seth could feel the bright rays of the sun shining on his face and he opened his eyes and stood up, completely ignoring the irritating voice outside his apartment.

"Well at least am in my room" Seth mumbled with a yawn looking at the spot where he had been sleeping and then the open window as he slowly recollected how he had gotten here.

A horrible stench got into his nose as he looked around and after a little investigation, found out he was its source.

The blood, dirt, and sweat accumulated from yesterday was giving off a horrid stench, he quickly moved to the bathroom and took off his badly torn trousers and got into the shower, and began taking a thorough bath.

The icy cold water flowed down his body and brought his attention to a glaring problem, he had a morning wood, he immediately switched to a cold shower hoping it solved his problem.


He could hear the door to his apartment hopefully being opened, not broken.

A loud voice shouted out "Evary Seth where the hell are you, who do you think you are to dare ignore my call".

Seth paid no attention to her as he stood under the shower, then he heard the door to the bathroom being swung open with force.

He opened his closed eyes and observed the sexy noisy intruder.

Miss Alexia was a blond fair skinned 55-year-old woman, she had huge pair of breast resting on her chest and a big heart shaped ass with wide hips which swayed hypnotically whenever she moved.

She had light wrinkles on her face which served to accentuate her mature status, she was a dream fuck for thousands of men in the city.

Despite all this, no one ever tried hitting on her or as much as openly looked at her lustfully.

Alexia was a peak cadet stage cultivator making her someone noteworthy, but with her arrogant personality that was far from enough to save her from the male predators in the city.

Miss Alexia was publicly known as the favorite mistress of the city's governor and that was more than enough to have any male in the city obediently keep to themselves.

Today she had called for an emergency meeting but after casually doing a roll call, she discovered that one of her tenants actually had the guts to ignore her call, as if that wasn't enough, he actually ignored her and refused to open the door when she knocked making her look like a fool as she stood out there.

She had angrily broken into his apartment and traced him to the bathroom, without thinking much, she had barged into the bathroom preparing to give the brat a piece of her mind and maybe even through him out if he didn't beg her satisfactorily.

Yet when got in, all she could see was a handsome face resting on a well sculptured body along with the biggest and hardest dick she had ever seen pointing at her.

When Seth observed her delicious body, he could feel his dick throb in pain and his primal instinct to mate awaken in him, without wasting a moment, he immediately moved and locked lips with her while one of his hands roughly squeezed her breasts and the other held her on the waist and pulled her closer to him.

He could feel her struggling to get out of his grip, so he firmly held her face and looked her in the eye and she immediately calmed down.

Alexia had felt indignant when Seth began kissing her but immediately she looked into his eyes, she found herself wanting him and her body growing hot, before she knew it, she was moaning to his touches and she reached out her hand and began stroking his cock.

Seth immediately intensified the kiss and then began kissing and sucking around her neck. Alexia had just woken up and was still in her nightgown which made it easier for Seth to easily pull it off.

Alexia wore no bra underneath her gown giving Seth a premium view of her bountiful breast and engorged nipple, looking further down she had on black panties which he immediately tore off and was greeted by her pink glistening well-shaved pussy.

He took a few seconds to admire her alluring body, then he dived into her breast and began sucking her nipples.

Every touch of Seth brought about unimagined pleasure to Alexia and she found herself moaning uncontrollably. It only got worse when Seth began touching her pussy, she felt overwhelming pleasure and an incoming orgasm.

Before she could orgasm, he retracted his hands giving her a reprieve but before she could relax, Seth picked her up by her hips, and then she felt something hard, hot, and really big begin piercing into her pussy.

"It's too big" she cried out when she felt his dick tip stretching her pussy way beyond what she could handle.

Seth replied with a grunt, then took his dick away from her pussy and almost instantly began putting it back in her.

"Dragons dick" Seth mumbled inaudibly with a grin as he attempted to enter her the second time.

Alexia was frightened as she thought Seth was going to ignore her pleas, but when his dick entered her this time, it felt smaller and stretched her just enough to make her feel very full.

Immediately, Seth gradually began pumping into her as he slipped in more off his dick, he locked lips with her as he continued thrusting and in no time his dick was completely in.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was all that could be heard in the bathroom and 7 minutes in, Alexia had her first orgasm in Seth's arm but he continued pumping into her throughout her orgasm.

Seth could feel the extra tightness of her pussy and it sent waves of pleasure through his body, but this was far from bringing him to the edge.

He slowed down and allowed alexia a moment of rest and a minute later he began hammering into her, each thrust more intense than the previous but this time it was accompanied by a gradual increase in his dick size, " Dragons are some real sex masters" he thought as he pumped her.

Alexia had just gotten somewhat calm from her first orgasm when she felt Seth thrusting into her once more. As his tempo increased she felt as if his dick was getting bigger in her, the feeling sent waves of pleasure through her and she could feel another orgasm approaching.

The combination of his sweat, his bulging muscles, and his thick grunts of pleasure made him seem like a beast, and when she looked into his eyes all she saw was a primal hunger for her which just made her hornier.

All these while Seth had not changed position as he still stood up carrying her in his arms and he didn't look tired at all.

"When did this nerdy kid get so strong" she wondered to herself before falling back into the throes of their passion.

Seth began channeling qi to his dick as he fucked her and the next instant Alexia found herself going through another orgasm, but this time Seth showed no mercy as he only hammered harder and with dick finally grew to its original size.

Alexia could feel her pussy stretch really wide this time, but fortunately, the lube provided by her orgasm made it easier to handle.

As a higher level cultivator, Alexia had expected Seth to tire out before her but from the look of things she hoped he would cum soon, she was already approaching her limit and 10 minutes later her wish came true as Seth roughly fucked her with her heavier breaths and came in her.

She could feel the torrent of cum pour into her and this also sent her cuming at the same time.

"I need a long rest she fleetingly thought as she rested her head on Seth's shoulder but then she realized that something was wrong, the hard object in her had not softened or come out, instead it was beginning to move and this sent dread through her.

"Seth please stop, I can't take it anymore" Alexia begged with teary eyes.

Since Seth began fucking Alexia, every thrust into her was an extreme high for him, his body wanted more and he was going to get it, when he finally released in her, he entered into a short enlightenment and could feel improvements In his cultivation.

The euphoria was addicting and he wanted more, but then he heard Alexia begging him to stop.

The sight of a troublesome hot milf begging him with teary eyes to stop fucking her had the opposite effect and it took him every ounce of concentration not to ravish her for the second time.

Seth slowly took his still-hard dick out of Alexia, which was followed by the flow of their juices out of her pussy, he carried her and placed in the tub and then filled it with warm water.

He got into the tub and then proceeded to scrub her clean, offering occasional massages as he went.

Alexia didn't know what to think when she saw him begin to clean her, she had expected him to abandon her there or blackmail her or even begin to panic after realizing what he had done, after all, he just fucked the governor's favorite mistress.

When Seth was done cleaning her, he changed the water in the tub, got out, took a shower, and then left the bathroom.