Battle and Sex Is All A Primordial Fiend Needs

That feeling of ripping through your enemies and the feel of their hot blood washing over your body. What better way to relax the body after a glorious victory than indulging in the carnal pleasure from conquered women. All Evary Seth desires is supreme power, carnal pleasure, to screw his wife whenever he can and of course, to conquer his ridiculously powerful mother-in-law. Seth wants to be the strongest, but who is stronger? A primordial fiend? Or its creator, a God? What do Gods do when their biggest attack dog turns on them. ****** This book screams smut but please don't forget the first word in its title, do expect smut, but also expect a superb plot with character development and a touch of romance all the way to the end. The book cover isn't mine, if you're the artist behind this masterpiece, and you want me to take it down! I would gladly do it, just inform me in the comments! Cover illustration credit: Unknown

Bad_Bishop · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
500 Chs

Damsel In Distress 2 [R-18]

With both hands in the pockets of his robe, Seth took his time as he stroll further into the encompassing darkness, anyone else who had walked this far into the temple would only see darkness and occasionally the faint sights of bare walls all around them.

But having already figured out all intricacies of the temple, Seth walked forward till he came before a particular section of the wall, and almost immediately, a perfectly cut door-shaped hole appeared in that area, and without missing a beat, Seth walked in.

Walking into the hole in the wall, Seth found a well carved stairs which spiraled down into the ground, as he moved in and began climbing down, several luminous stones laid into the ceiling lit up bringing along with it a sense of tranquility as moved.

With a smile on his face, he descended and then arrived at a leveled floor, getting off the stairs, he found himself in a corridor, and once again without much of a delay, he began walking towards the door which stood at its end.

On arriving at the door, he barely had to wait for a few seconds before it was opened and his nose was assaulted by sweet fragrances.

"Welcome your Excellency" he heard a sweet melodic voice say, but he didn't pay any attention to it as he had his eyes closed with him enjoying the exotic scents oozing out of the room,

Seth had lived a relatively average life, he hadn't had a chance or reason to come across the best fragrances in his life, but right now, he was being hit by the scents of the best of fragrances that a 3rd stage general cultivator had to offer to a Kaiser, he couldn't help but lose himself in its essence.

Seeing his present mood, the owner of the melodic voice said nothing and quietly waited for him to come out of his reverie.

A Lord was the formal way by which a general level cultivator was addressed by weaker cultivators, while an Excellency was the formal way to address a Kaiser level cultivator.

"From a Lord to an Excellency", Seth thought with a shake of his head as he decided to open his eyes and take in the sight of this damsel in distress.

"Look at me, he said when he saw that she had her head respectfully bowed, and with elegancy, she slowly raised her head and stared Seth in the eyes.

Long well combed blonde hair that reached her waist, sky blue eyes that shone with a certain determination, an almost white milk colored skin that made one desire to have a taste of her body, red lips curled up in an almost frown like shape, and all this came up to make the face of the beauty standing before him.

Moving his eye past the appearance of her face, Seth's eyes moved down as he stared at his most wanted prices in all their glory.

A milky white unblemished skin evenly covered her whole body, and when his eyes stared at his first price, he couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight that greeted him, a pair of 36dd sized breasts heaved up and down before him, with their pink nipples puffed out, just begging him to suck them for all eternity.

"Turn around," Seth said, with a smile on his face, liking what he was seeing, and without reluctance, she turned around giving Seth a splendid view of her derriere, her slim narrow waist left no stone unturned in bringing out the magnificence of her wide hips coupled with her plump buttocks which just hung there looking all lonely, begging to be spanked.

Moving forward, Seth ran his hands along the curves of her waist down to her buttocks his cock already hardening, but with applaudable willpower, he managed to retract his hands from her body.

"What's your name," Seth asked as he looked up from her ass.

"Levy Sonia" was her reply.

"Well then Sonia what else do you have for me," Seth asked with a smile.

"Please follow me your Excellency", Sonia said as she turned and began walking into the room.

Seth followed after and once again was entranced by the sways of her ass, barely being able to take his eyes off it, if everything went well this was most likely going to be his first satisfying sex.

With a look around the room, Seth had to applaud her quick movements in fixing it up or maybe it had always been like this, the room was around 7metres in length and 5 meters in width, quite a large place for a single person, bulbs lights lit up the room with brown light along with lit up candles sitting all around on its edges.

He could see a huge bed covered in red on the other side of the room with a bunch of candles surrounding it from a distance.

"You have quite the little sex cave down here for a single woman, don't tell me you terrorize the little cocks of your subordinate?" Seth teasingly asked.

Hearing his words, Sonia stopped walking, turned to him, and then staring at him with her beautiful blue eyes, she replied "No, but such a sexual atmosphere brings me the greatest pleasure when I masturbate down here"

Seth was caught off guard by her words and didn't bother hiding it, they stared at each other in the eye for a few seconds, "carry on" Seth said while giving her a curious look, and Sonia bowed in response to his words and continued leading the way.

With a few more movements, Seth found himself before a pool or more likely a bathtub if Sonia had followed his instructions.

"Compared to her, I'm a damn pauper," Seth thought as he stared at the luxurious bathtub, lots of red flowers could be seen floating on the surface of the water which gave it a more intense fragrance, he could see several qi stones laid into the sides and the floor of the tub, and from the quality of qi which he felt coming out of the bathtub, how bright they were most likely middle grade qi stones.

"I thought qi stones were super rare resources," Seth thought unable to fathom the idea that middle grade qi stones were being used to light up a bathtub.

"I had no idea on your preferences, so I decided to use roses. if this isn't to your liking, I have prepared another bathtub scented with lavender flowers" Sonia said when she saw Seth staring at the bathtub with some displeasure.

I'm fine with it" Seth replied, with a wave of his hand.

Hearing his words, Sonia internally let out a sigh of relief, moved to his back, and held onto his robes, Seth getting her intention relaxed his hands as Sonia slid his robe off him.

Placing it to the side, Sonia grabbed onto his right arm and with a light pull which he followed, began leading him down the stairs at the side of the tub.

On entering the tub, Sonia gestured for him to sit down which he did.

"Any preferences," Sonia asked as she grabbed onto a sponge by the side.

"impress me" was all Seth said as he leaned back and rested both his head and hands on the soft edge of the tub and closed his eye

Watching him confidently lie down there and arrogantly expecting her to clean him up, Sonia felt no sense of disgust or hatred toward him, instead, all she felt was envy.

This man was the embodiment of the power she desired, she didn't want to fall down the ladder of power, she wanted to ascend it and if there was even the slightest possibility that this man here could save her from damnation, then she was going to serve him to the best of her abilities.

"To hell with pride or dignity, neither of those things saved her parents from her death, neither did they help her in her battles or when men lecherously came after her body, perhaps her wings had reached the limit of their ability and could help fly higher, but now she had a chance to grab onto a soaring dragon and fly higher".

With these thoughts in mind, a look of determination appeared on her face as she crawled over to the lying man and began washing his body.

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