3 Bloodline Awakening 1

Rose had thought she had been used as bait by Seth to attract the wolves and give himself a chance to escape, but when she saw the wolves bypass her, she knew she had read his intentions wrongly.

She had no idea why he would decide to save her but unfortunately, she didn't have the time to ponder on this, she immediately focused her attention on expelling the dark matter.

Without any more disturbances, she successfully expelled the last traces of dark antimatter in her in a few minutes.

After that, she shakily took out a rejuvenation pill from her space ring, consumed it, and then began practicing her cultivation technique to help her refine the pill faster.

A rejuvenation pill had the ability to replenish its user's energy and heal all injuries present on its user, unfortunately, she couldn't use it earlier as all pills were generally made using the world's essence which would have instead acted as premium food for the dark antimatter energy.

About 4 minutes later, there was an explosion of energy around her and when the energy wave dyed down, Rose could be seen looking all healed and well dressed up.

She immediately shot into the air and flew towards Seth's location, hoping he was still alive.

With her soul sense, finding him was very easy and she arrived at his location she came upon an unexpected sight of him fighting with the wolves and seemed to actually be winning for now.

It had to be known that the grade 0 wolves were all of different strengths with some rivaling peak stage cadets, yet Seth was able to hold his own quite well.

"What an interesting boy" she mumbled to herself.

Expectedly he began to tire and was pushed back into the cave, yet she did nothing but quietly floated over him with neither him nor the wolves being the wiser about her presence.

Eventually, he was defeated, and just when he was on the verge of death, she stretched out her hand and summoned fireballs that appeared all around her which were sent down with a wave of her hand. The fireballs fell and instantly turned everything they touched both in and out of the cave to ashes, the wolves didn't even have a chance to whimper as they died.

She moved toward him, landed down, and then forced a rejuvenation pill down his throat.

Seth groggily opened his eyes, feeling like he had just had the best sleep of his life, he couldn't help but moan as he stretched his body.

"So heaven does exist after all, and it seems I made it," he thought to himself as he opened his eyes but was met with sudden brightness that stung his eyes.

He quickly closed his eyes and then tried opening them again but this time slowly. When his eyes finally adjusted to the brightness and he could see, he looked around and observed his surroundings.

A scorched ground with some patches of ashes scattered around was all he could see as he observed his surroundings, well that was if you didn't count the goddess standing before him.

She had long red hair that reached her waist, enchanting red pupils, and red plump lips, and further down a large pair of breasts that strained to come out of its entrapment.

She was light skin in complexion with a face so beautiful that he felt calling her a beauty was an understatement, the blue gown she wore exposed her right leg and he had to say they were the most beautiful legs he had ever seen, he felt like crawling up to her and worshipping her feet.

He suddenly shook his head and his eyes then glowed with clarity, he found himself breathing heavily and a thin film of sweat on his forehead, he hadn't gone anywhere, he was still in the same cave and had been healed most likely by the goddess before him.

What just happened now he wondered to himself, he felt like he had entered into a trance and his body was being controlled by someone.

Why did this goddess look so much like Rose, no she was definitely Rose, he didn't know why he was so sure but he trusted his instincts.

"Mis. Gibson" he called out to her as he stood up, "what just happened to me?" he asked her staring at her warily.

"Well what you just experienced was a weak illusion that comes over anyone that looks at me when some of my power is released, weaker cultivators usually lose their minds, but you a mere cadet easily broke out of it, you intrigue me child" Rose replied him.

Being called a child by a woman who looked just 6 years older than him didn't sit right with him, why would she call him a child, unless?

He looked at her and asked, "and how old are you exactly?."

Rose looked at him and began walking around him like a predator stalking its prey and replied "after everything that has happened to you my age should be the least of your worries".

Seth turned to face her looked her in the eye and said confidently with a cocky smirk " you are wrong, as my future wife, learning more about you takes priority and I believe learning your age is a good starting point, don't worry I won't reject you no matter how old you are."

Rose's face showed no change in expression to his words, she stopped moving, stared at him, and then exerted the barest of her soul pressure around the cave.

Seth felt the change in the atmosphere but with his emotions in full swing he casually shrugged it off, he walked towards her and then wrapped his arms around her slim waist, well more like attempted to.

Rose had been observing Seth all this while, she could see no fear in his eyes as he talked to her and she could feel his desire to possess her, a desire she had felt more than once in quite a lot of once-alive men.

When he moved towards her and then attempted to hold her, she blasted him with a wave of her qi which sent him flying backward, and then she spoke while moving toward him

"What makes you so sure I won't just kill you for daring to touch me, perhaps I was wrong about you and you're still under the illusion or maybe you're just a horny dog who can't control himself," She said.

Seth could feel that he had several broken ribs and internal injuries when he landed on the ground, he attempted to sit up but was pressed back down by a beautiful looking leg with white feet wearing red heels, the heels dug into his chest inflicting pain on him and then its owner came into his sight.

"In this world, you can be arrogant, prideful, or even stupid so long as you can back it up, now tell me, boy, what gives you the confidence to dare claim me as yours? Were I not indebted to you, I would squash you like the insignificant bug you are". Rose said with disgust directed at him.

Don't get him wrong, Seth could sense that her power was way beyond his comprehension, his instincts told him that she was a being that could wipe out his existence effortlessly, yet this very instinct refused to act submissively before her.

He had always liked her but had been able to suppress his feeling, but with his emotions now running amok, he wanted her and had every intention of making her his yet her words snapped him out of his fantasies of dominance and back to reality.

No matter how much confidence Seth had in himself, those words sent his confidence crashing. Every word she spoke was the truth, he was the weakest of the weak, what did have to pride himself in, his mind tried to find a way to deny it but he knew it was the truth he was a bug that could be squashed at any time by almost anyone yet here he was trying to hit on a woman like Rose.

This was one of the reasons he had begun taking emotion suppressants, his pride, and arrogance which he couldn't back had placed him in trouble too many times making him look like a fool, and once again he had made a fool of himself.

Were he any other man, Rose would have killed him a long time ago but Seth was different, he had willingly traded his life for her own for reasons she could not guess, she owed him her life something no other man could ever claim.

"Now! Now! I didn't tell you all that just to have you break down on me" Rose said with a roll of her eyes when she saw his downtrodden expression.

Seth had been going through an internal dilemma but on hearing Rose's words, he squashed his doubts and looked at her with narrowed eyes, "what do you want" he asked.

He has a strong mind Rose thought to herself then replied to him "earlier you saved my life, I don't like being indebted to anyone, so am going to pay off my debt by healing you of your disability".

"I may have saved your life but you also did save my life, I believe that makes us even," Seth said.

"Even now when I offer you salvation you still wish to hold on to your pathetic pride," Rose said with slight annoyance leaking into her voice.

"There is a vast difference in the value of our lives, a thousand of your lives can't make up for a single life of mine, do you understand," rose said to him with a smile on her face.

"Fine then how are you going to heal me?" Seth asked looking up at her warily.

Rose smirked at him, she took her leg off his chest and gestured for him to stand up which he did with a lot of difficulty.

"Am going to give you the most powerful bloodline on earth, when the bloodline gets assimilated in you, it will repair all imperfections in you, including giving you qi pathways along with several perks that come along with it and best of all it's going to increase you cultivation talent by several times, basically you will evolve" Rose said.

"And the disadvantages?" Seth immediately asked.

Well Rose said as she rose her hand and stroked his cheek, "you have a 50% chance of death and in the event that you succeed, you are no longer going to be human" she finished.

"What would I become and what will…." Seth began asking but was stopped by Rose putting a finger on his lips.

"Let's leave the questions for after you successfully evolve, as for what you will become if you succeed, you will become a member of the vampire race, and not just any vampire but a noble vampire, a special class of vampire. So are you in?" Rose asked.


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