Kraven the Hunter

*Click* Clack*

Natasha's heels resounded through the already noisy halls as he chased after the man making sure the distance between them didn't grow any more as she realized closing the distance between them was no easy feet.

The heels she was running might have been a factor but she was certain it did little to diminish her speed and if this was a normal man she would have been right next to them by now, no the man before her was enhanced .

As Natasha came to her conclusion they had arrived at the stairs. 

The man vaulted down the stairs, with such ease that only served to ascertain her earlier assumptions about. Coming to a stop above, Natasha began firing her gun at the man who remained in near constant motion and used his environment to avoid most shots.

Kicking of her heels Natasha jumped down to follow after the man releasing a few shots whenever possible, one of them even found its way into the man's back but he simply let out a low growl and kept running their chase continued all through out the building before eventually coming to a halt down a hallway. 

"You're quite fun, I'll be honest I was hoping for the Batman or captain America, but I'll settle for you spider". The man turned around and flashed a grin at Natasha.

'Russian' Natasha noted after hearing the man's accent, he possessed dark hair and hazel eyes. Natasha took in all his features feeling as though she knew him from somewhere. "On your knees, hands above your head. I've sent out a message security would be surrounding this place in but a minute you have nowhere to go."

"A minute eh, that just means we don't have much time to play huh" As he said those words he took of his jacket and began to roll up his sleeves, with Natasha still keeping her gun trained on him, "Oh well, I'll just have to make do".

He flung his downed jacket with his foot towards Natasha obscuring her view as he fired at the jacket. Taking advantage of those few seconds where her vision was obscured the man closed the distance and came at her with a punch aimed for her side.

Catching a glimpse of him in the corner of her eye, Natasha quickly turned her gun on him to fire. However like a snake, his other hand shot out grabbing on the pistol and aiming it towards the ceiling just as Natasha pulled on the trigger.


Three gun shots rung out as the ceiling sported three new holes, using his strength the man yanked the gun to the side and followed it up with an elbow to Natasha's face, the force from which sent her tumbling back a few steps and causing her to let go of her pistol.

The pain caused her to raise her right hand to her face, seeing a blood stain as she pulled it away she focused on her opponent who now held her pistol, only to see him toss it to the side.

Having witnessed his strength, Natasha decided to take the offensive.

At once Natasha set on him like a cat to a mouse, leaping through the air her heel spun towards his head. The man was forced to duck then as she harmlessly flew over him but as she landed she instantly sprung to her feet and swept the man's feet from underneath him, forcing him to fall face first.

Not intending to give him the slightest room to recover, Natasha rushed in again, intending to stomp his head in this time. With a heavy thud, her foot slammed into the floor as the man rolled away and jumped to his feet. 

The two exchanged a glance before rushing at each other once more, the two exchanging blow after blow. Showing off just how skilled each of them were, however two truths were laid bare to both combatants.

Natasha knew she was no match for the man when it came to physicality, however the man knew in but a few short seconds he would be surrounded and then he would loose. Natasha knowing that as well made sure to avoid most of his direct hits and made to keep him there.

"Tch. This has been fun, but this has gone on enough spider. luna vysoko, i shtory zadernuty" As he begun the last phrase Black widow was confused but as it came to an end all she saw was black.

The man stood over her watching her fall to the ground like a puppets whose strings had been cut.

"Well I guess he was right, Batman is terrifying"

With a wide grin, he picked up his jacket and made to leave, "but no matter there is no beast Kraven can not hunt". With those words he left, leaving the unconscious Natasha on the floor to be found by security who arrived in but a few seconds later.