25 Captain Marvel pt2

The team was now in a ship heading off to space. Batman looked outside at the sky as they flew higher and higher his facial expression might have been blank but he was excited inside, ever since he figured out he was in the marvel universe he knew for a fact he would go to space but he didn't expect it to be so soon.

Batman was soon brought out of his thoughts by Nick Fury who was holding the cat and using it to mess with Talos. Everyone was amused by his antics, "so batman...I've always wondered what are your powers?" Fury asked the batman after messing with the Skrull.

Everyone's attention was now on the batman, " I mean there have been plenty rumours, I heard one guy say your a demon first I thought he was nuts but then... " Nick turned to look at Carol and Talos, "I'm starting to think maybe he wasn't so nuts after all." Bats just stared without saying a word "okay but you can summon bats right? the news reported it that time when a swarm of bats flew out the building." bats was still silent.

"wait....don't tell me you're just a guy in a bat suit?" Fury asked with disbelief all over his face and for once he saw batman smile. " Okay we are here." Carol spoke up stopping Nick before he asked anymore questions.

Maria looked outside but saw nothing but empty space, "Erhm I don't see anything". With that the ship began to decloak causing everyone to marvel at the ship even batmans eyes widened, though for a fraction of a second.

The got into the ship with Maria and Carol rushing to the teseract and Talos following after them,"well its just you and....where did he go?" Nick turned to where Batman was supposed to be only to find out he was by himself.

Batman had slipped away he would ofcourse go back to help when they encountered danger but right now was the best time to scavenge the ship for tech. Batman moved through the air vents finding the armory. Bats jumped down and looking at the rows of weapons before himself, "jackpot".

Carol had gotten the teseract but seeing Talos she realised something, "you didn't come here for the teseract, did you?" she saw him hugging his family, " don't worry I won't hurt you", "Fratenizing with the enemy, I see" Yon-Rogg voice was heard. Carol turned to see him coming over with his men whilst holding Goose by the back of his neck.

She immediately charged at him but was easily stopped by Yon-Rogg, she was knocked out and placed in some sort of holding with Maria, Nick and the others forced to their knees where they were scanned to determine threat levels. Nick shared a look with Maria wondering where the batman was.

There was a faint glow originating from Carol drawing the attention of Yon-Rogg and his men, before anyone could figure out what was going on a batarang flew in then divided itself into multiple batarang latching onto the soilders, the soilders looked curiosly at the objects which were giving off a beeping sound with glowing red lights.

*Boom* all the batarangs went off at the same time. Sending Yon-Rogg and his men down. Batman burst out of the vents taking out any of the soilders still standing and grabbing the teseract , then moving to untie Nick and the others. "Man, am I happy to see you".

"Stop right there!" Yon-Rogg stood pointing his weapon at the Batman, "how dare you!" looking around at what was left of his men Yon-Rogg was pissed that a mere human had done this, but just as he was about to pull the trigger he had a bad feeling and turned around, just in time to be blasted across the place by Captain marvel who was now covered in energy.

She turned to the batman and shared a look before nodding, "the teseract." Batman handed over the box which she opened before placing it before Goose who had tentacles coming out of his mouth as he gulped it down. Fury picked Goose up gently, "I'm trusting you not to eat me."

Carol rushed of to deal with the rest, and Batman brought his batarangs out rushing into battle. Maria picked up a weapon from the ground to blast the group of soldiers rushing for them only for the weapon not to work. Just then Goose opened it's mouth releasing it's tentacles on them, Nick looked down at the creature in his hands and all he could say was "oh damn."

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