Barbaric Spouse, Descry the Night's Lure

[ WARNING: Mature Content ] [Completed] In a household where the only holding genuine bloodline is her, Ewelina Orteu is betrayed and sold to the sole Archduke of the Zaarmideos Kingdom, whose nature is of treacherous essence such as the domain he rules over. Wedded to an unknown groom, she is now sent to his residency where sights she never fathomed to witness await her. As well as the fated encounter with him who is Ewelina's spouse and owner. Foreordained, the couple's first meeting threatens their present... Concealing a truth she is yet to unveil... Along with the beginning of the souls Luring Nights. || Extract || Gasping sounds along with a woman's soft melted voice could be heard in the dark chamber. Solely illuminated by the clear moon that slid rudely into the wedded's privacy, two silhouettes emerged from the sheets as the light fall of raindrops gifted nature's melody to their night... As well as the freshness their heated figures continued to need, even in the midst of such weather. "a..ahn...!... huff... Husb– ha...!" — The woman continued to puff in a weak voice. _________________________ This is my second book. As it is, this novel differs from my first one of course. You will notice on its tone. Yet, I hope you will like it as much. The first eleven chapters are so you get how Ewelina ended up in her situation ^^. This story fully starts after said chapter. Be expectant for the following chapters. Happy reading. Do leave a review. _________________________ Tags: #R18 #Reincarnation #Historical #Fantasy #Drama #Romance #Smut Read my first book!: • You Think I Won't Talk? This is an original Story ^^ Author: XimenoideX

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It was an honest compliment and appreciation the wife was conveying to the child’s being.

At times when the sorrow had yet to invade her heart with the painful truth she had learned, Ewelina would at times illusion a day when her own children would be as lovely and pure as the girl resting adorably innocent on her lap is… Picturing a future where they would grow together, as if siblings they were…

Hence, the thought this time… again emerged while the soft hair of the girl was slowly yet carefully caressed… and the void opened viciously empty… for never such illusions would become a reality.

‘… This pain… will it ever fade or diminish…’ — Already feeling a hurtful tremble inside her chest, Ewelina tried not to lose composure. — ‘This child… is not my own… and yet she is the nearest I can feel of what I cannot become…’