Banished From My Village And Mated To The Cursed Heir And His Brothers

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What is Banished From My Village And Mated To The Cursed Heir And His Brothers

Read ‘Banished From My Village And Mated To The Cursed Heir And His Brothers’ Online for Free, written by the author TheLastRemnants, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, DARK Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: [MATURE CONTENT]In a land plagued by creatures with a centuries old curse, the villagers of Ironedge are separated from ...


[MATURE CONTENT] In a land plagued by creatures with a centuries old curse, the villagers of Ironedge are separated from the forest of Azar by beaded shaman strings to protect them from the dangers beyond. Yué was born different—silver hair the color of the moon and two toned eyes, the hue of shimmering gold and the Tamir ocean. Ever since he and his father moved to Ironedge 15 years ago, more beast attacks have been happening along the borders, causing the villagers to fear them. But when the Governor of Ironedge falls for Yué's unnatural beauty and his advances are rejected, he brings Yué to trial unfairly. For craving the touch of men, he is cast out into the forbidden Azar forest as all the others who were guilty before him to be devoured by wolves. But right when they start chomping, The Cursed Heir of Mythos himself saves Yué and brings him into a world of magic, danger, and secrets pertaining Yué’s family past he never knew existed. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What to expect in this novel? - Dark Fantasy - Cultivation - Original Lore - There's curses, Chinese gods, and other cultures weaved into the areas around the map. - Fighting - Elves and magic and mythical creatures, including Wendigo's. So much more! Come check it out and be sure to join the discord! Discord: https://discord.gg/RHZcxJu8DM

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It's a perfect book overall. No weakpoints.The beginning of the story is easy to understand, and the author's writing only makes it easier to read.The world building is pretty much shown in the Auxiliary Chapter(there's a map that's very detailed there)I like the different personalities of the characters. Everyone is giving off a different vibe.All we can do now is wait for more chapters. For me it's a 10/10.


just found this lovely novel today and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to read such fine writing 😁😁 I love the characters, the suspense, the tension, and everything else in between 😍😍 thank you author for your hard work and I can't wait to continue supporting you along the way 💜💜


There are few books I will give five stars, but there is something about this book that just dared me not to give it anything lower than that.What can I say, the writing is spectacular and the author ability to bring you to the mind of our MC, and let us relive his every moment is a thing of beauty.There is even a playlist alongside the chapter. C'mon if this is not a sign of an obsessive author attention to glorious details that would mesmerize the mind, I don't know of any other.Enjoy the work of art and thank me later.


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Only read 3 chapter so far. The MC trusted into the story strongla in the first chapter. The world building is greatly done with good writing. Only problem for me after 3 chapter, that we don't get a clear motivatio on the MC goal other than he wants to heal himself and survive.Otherwise it is a great start for an interesting story with unique elements, and a not generic MC. Keep up the good work!


I liked the opening and the descriptions including how the characters talked and behaved everything felt vivid and understanding but my only issue is i wasn't interested in the story it didn't have a sense of direction and i had no reason to keep reading.


This is a very enjoyable story; it has only now begun, but so far the flow is excellent, and the MC is likable; has an interesting plot, and it is well written. Good job, Author!


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