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Caspian a 19 years old man suddenly finds himself in the middle of a void, where he meets an entity that transports him to another world with the powers of a certain character from the seven deadly sins, come and follow this long and fun story of a normal human who finds himself in another world with powers! I don't own the seven deadly sins or highschool DxD, I do not own the rights to the characters or the world other than OG Update: 1 Chapter/Month English is not my first language

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I was in the middle of the void, observing the darkness that was there, suddenly something interesting appeared in front of me, a soul that suddenly appeared and began to wander in that great void, this is strange and curious at the same time, in my long years of life, few people have been to my house, before approaching the strange soul I waited to see its reaction. But he looked remarkably calm as if he had accepted his ending.

(PoV MC)

My name is Caspian, I'm 19 years old, not long ago I was fishing in the sea with my brother, when out of nowhere a plane hit us, seriously how could a plane suddenly appear and kill us?!

Now I'm in this dark place, where I believe to be the afterlife, I can't get angry about something that already happened, honestly I lived my life monotonously and totally without color, it was just me and my brother, and nobody else, our life has always been difficult, we had to lean on each other to survive in the world, while looking at everything around, I suddenly found myself blinded.

A large mass of light began to materialize in front of me, revealing itself with a male voice that seemed to be amused by something.

"Hey you died!"

"I noticed that..."

The being seemed a little sad that I didn't show emotion at my own death.

"Oh come on, at least demonstrate something! You don't have to worry about everything around you, it looks like you died because of one of my subordinates, so I'll give you the chance to be reborn in another world with some skills."

Hearing this initially I thought it was a joke, but this is like one of those poorly crafted FanFic plots, I honestly don't give a shit about it, if I had to choose between staying in this darkness or being reborn... it's more than obvious my choice

"Alright…so which world do I go to? Can I choose? And this skill you were going to give me?"

"Calm down my friend, one thing at a time, as I am a man who loves luck games, it will have to be roulette"

'Seriously why did I ask?'

"Oh and for your information, it is not correct to say that I will only give you abilities, but the powers, appearance and abilities of a specific anime character that appears on the roulette wheel"

'Great, now if it lands on Kazuma or any character from Slice of Life, I'll be fucked'

After the speech of the being who for me was made of light, suddenly two roulette wheels appeared in front of me and in these two roulette wheels is my destiny, there were several worlds in the roulette wheel, like My hero academia, Classroom of Elite, Komi-san, Marvel(MCU) and others, I hope I can go to a normal world at least, in the characters roulette there were some that I totally disregarded... Kazuma, Tadano and other garbage characters, but not everything was bad, because there were also Anos Voldigoad, Rimuru Tempest and Madara Uchiha, which are extremely good characters

Soon, the being of light started to spin the roulette wheels, and when the character roulette wheel was stopping, I could see the name of a character... Kazuma 'Oh god please no', but for my happiness the roulette wheel stopped next to his name, and the character was, Ban, the sin of greed of the seven deadly sins, I can say that I hit the Jackpot this time

But what made me disregard my luck, was when the world came out... Highschool DxD after seeing that I considered it in my mind

'Ban huh? I've read Nanatsu no Taizai and I know he has strong powers, but for the world of DxD, Ban wouldn't reach the feet of beings like Great Red or Ophis'

"Dude… this is kind of unfair"

The being of light spoke while making a gesture that I interpreted as placing his hand on his chin.

"Since it wasn't balanced for the world in question, I'll let you make two more wishes! But remember, you can't ask for anything exaggerated, it's more like a boost for you to get by in this world, I will judge your choice personally so I believe there won't be anything unfair"

When he said that I was seriously tempted to order the imagine breaker as it would give me a huge good start, but I remembered about something else

"Hey god, if I may call you that, will I keep my memories when I'm reborn?"

"Not usually, but you can take them as a bonus"

Hearing this I decided, if I couldn't take my memories I would have to spend one of my wishes to have them, after all, this is one of the biggest advantages of FanFic protagonists, I was thinking of asking for the powers of super powerful characters, but I restrained myself, because according to being I couldn't make too exaggerated choices, with that in mind I made my choices

"I want the adaptation skill, that over time an opponent's skill becomes useless against me, in addition I want an evolution skill, like Broly, I want to be able to increase my power according to the opponent's level, and even overcome them, so I don't have to worry about anything."

"You even asked for a good combo huh, immortality with adaptation and evolution, unfortunately I'll put some restrictions, otherwise, the show would be boring, your adaptation ability will be temporary, it won't be useless against you for a long time just in that particular moment, so you'll have to adapt again in a next fight, the evolution skill... I don't have much to say about, so do what you want with it, ah, how old do you want to be?"

I thought about it a bit, I didn't want to be too over-aged, and not too young, so I just decided to go with the canon age.

"Put me the same age as Issei when he was at the beginning of the canon"

"I see, I expect good entertainment from you"

After those words everything went dark again, when the darkness returned, memories started to flow in my mind as if it was my backstory in that world, my name is Ban I'm 17 years old (he has the appearance of Ban in prison, basically his first apparition)

When I was little my parents died early and any relatives I had abandoned me on the street, while trying to survive I met a thief named Zivago who took care of me like a father and taught me how to steal, during my childhood, I made friends with Issei Hyoudou and Irina Shidou , even though I was someone from the streets, they didn't care and we became friends, one day when I was 9 years old, Zivago disappeared

After Zivago disappeared, I continued to steal alone, and spent some time with Issei and Irina, but again, Irina left, traveled with her family to another country, leaving only Issei and I, at that time I ended up deciding to go to Tokyo looking for richer wallets, one day, while walking through Tokyo, I saw a woman who was carrying a bottle full of a light pink liquid, which glowed beautifully that night, I passed by her and managed to get the bottle that was in her purse, after that I left the place where I was and went to an alley, without caring much I kept it in my bag as if it were something important

At the age of 15, I returned to Kuoh and decided that I should study, I took those two years to study from elementary to high school and somehow I got a scholarship to Kuoh Highschool in the second year after proving that I had studied the content of the other years completely

Now, after seeing all these memories, my eyes opened, and I found myself lying on a bench in a city square, with two bags beside me, it was morning and today is apparently my first day of school in Kuoh, I sat down quietly on the bench that I found myself sleeping, scratching my face I saw that I had a very large beard, I didn't care much, in my past life I wasn't that much into my appearance

I stretched as I got up and picked up the bags, when I crouched down to pick them up from the floor, I saw that one of the bags was half open, it had a pink liquid in a bottle, I recognized it for what it was, the fountain of youth, that's what made Ban strong before going to purgatory, seeing the bottle, I took it and opened the cap, soon I drank it completely, it tasted like strawberry juice, after drinking it I felt refreshed and full of energy, soon I got my things again and went to a bathroom that memories showed

After doing my daily needs, I was now fully dressed, seeing that it's only been a week since classes started, I saw that I still had many days left before the start of the story, thinking about my course of action, I went on my way to school

(PoV Sona)

I am Sona Sitri, heiress of house sitri, one of the 72 noble houses in the demon realm, a few months ago I came across someone strange, his name was Ban, he didn't have any last name, two months ago he came to enroll , he was quite a tall person, he was 220 cm tall, the issue with him enrolling was that he had no information about other schools to be transferred

When asked about this, he said that he had never been to a school and that he was there in search of a scholarship, so he applied for a matriculation test, for us to test his knowledge, this was strange, as someone who had not a single class so far want to study something so advanced?

Even so, we allowed him to take the test, impressively he got a note far above what I expected, that raised another doubt, so I asked a demon specialized in memory magic to see his memories (there is magic to erase memory in DxD, so there must also have magic to read memories)

The demon who i had called to read Ban's memories had a sad look on her face, she ended up telling me everything she could see, Ban was a thief from a very young age, when I found out about it I automatically wanted to stop him from entering the school, but As his story was being told, I gave up on the idea and looked with pity at the same young man who was sleeping on a park bench.

In short he was abandoned as a child and became a thief to survive, what impressed me the most was the fact that he took only what was necessary to live another day, what shocked me the most was when I learned that he used two years to study everything that students normals take several years to understand, upon knowing this I considered inviting him into my nobility and thus allowed him to study at Kuoh Highschool

Also, from what the devil told me, he had a friend named Issei... the biggest pervert in the school, who coincidentally studied at our high school and was also in the second year... I just hope Ban isn't like him


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