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Caspian a 19 years old man suddenly finds himself in the middle of a void, where he meets an entity that transports him to another world with the powers of a certain character from the seven deadly sins, come and follow this long and fun story of a normal human who finds himself in another world with powers! I don't own the seven deadly sins or highschool DxD, I do not own the rights to the characters or the world other than OG Update: 1 Chapter/Month English is not my first language

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14 Chs


(A/N: Hello everyone, IsekaiFan Here, in response to requests from some people, I'm here today to make a list of characters that will probably participate in Harem do Ban, this list is not final so there may be some changes to it, comment on what you think from this list that I will modify it according to the chapters that I will post)

Harem Members:

Koneko Toujou(Shirone)

Akeno Himejima(Probably)


Asia Argento

Irina Shidou(Probably)

Sona Sitri

-???-(For the future/I'm still thinking)

-???-(For the future/I'm still thinking)

(A/N: These are all the probable heroines, there are several reasons why i probably won't put any more, and for those who like Rias in harem, sorry i don't like her very much, she is proud and spoiled so its a no, leave Rias for Issei, i honestly wouldn't want to add anyone else as i honestly don't like a giant harem so i'll just keep those there, if you want to comment on other heroines i might add, feel free, i'll analyze the heroine's personality and if I think she's good, I'll probably add)