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Another masterpiece from this author! I’m amazed with how the author’s mind works because the story is full of twists and turns but it never really gets confusing. Leonard is such a sweetheart and Vivian is definitely not just a damsel in distress. Read Valerian Empire & Heidi & the Lord first to appreciate this more. You can also read this side by side with Young Master Damien’s Pet because their story is within the same timeline. I’ve read all the books, but this is the first one that really made me cry. Be warned! 🙈

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OMG!! Seriously I'm super duper in love with this story. Thankyou Author-san for making such a beautiful story. For the past few days I didn't get enough sleep because of this book. I keep wondering what would happen next. And I was crying last night because I saw how devoted Leonard to Vivian. I wish that I have a soulmate like a Leonard ❤. I love Vivian too she's grown up to shy, and timid girl become a brave, strong, and inteligent women. THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE GREATEST BOOK I'VE READ SO FAR 😍😍


This book is lit🔥 I recommend every historical romance to read this ,i say you start with valerian empire it's also an amazing book.trust me you wouldn't put this book down .Just FAB👌👌👍


I have read many of your stories on wattpad before.. Absolutely love every single one of them 😍 I have started bambi and the duke recently and I'm totally loving it 😊😍


I'm currently reading this on wattpad and author san has surpassed my expectations because it's totally different. I love everything about it and I can't wait for the twist and turns because author san doesn't disappoint. Your updates make my day


I am so glad to have stumbled upon this amazing series! It's definitely a nice read. In fact, I'm already in love with this universe and its characters. Just took off a couple points because there are a few errors (I'm not sure if the author has an editor) and also because, the updates take some time. Nonetheless, people should definitely give this and the other two books a read. You won't be disappointed. P.S. Dear Author, thank you for your hard work! I promise to send gifts with each chapter. 💗


You know what I love about the way Ash's books and her in genral that she does not listen to our wishes when it comes to what happenes with the narrative of the book and the characters fate as well. I think it's diffuclt in such platforms where fans can enagage quite easly and the book is updated daily and not in whole. Her books are so well thought, so orignal, detailed and very pleasant to read due to the fact she sticks to her own ideas. I have been a fan since her wattpad books and I suggest you read every work of hers. You will be pleasntly in contempt and in aww with her abilities to translate her imagination into words.


I've nothing else to say besides that I've been reading your works since the very start n I'm proud of how far you've come! The Lord and Duke series is a masterpiece in itself and I predict a great writing future ahead of you!!! Good luck dearest author San! Your reader Chans LOVE you!


Dang, I have been following this story on wattpad and when I've learned that the continuation will be published here, I immediately downloaded the app. I so love the this story, 2nd to the Heidi and the Lord. Ganbatte ne Author-san❤️


Paying close enough attention and memory recall from the previous books in the series, the way this book brings it all together like smaller paintings put in puzzle order creates the master piece grand final picture. Staying on your toes and driving imagination I would recommend reading All the books =D I literally downloaded this app for this authors books following from wattpad =D


A beautifully written story w heartwrenching and overwhelming plot twists ✊ the romance and angst are equal which makes the story the more page flipper 😣✊ A WELL WRITTEN HISTORICAL ROMANCE WHICH NEEDS TO BE IN CINEMAS AND BOOKSTORES.. THE LOVE STORY IS VERY ADMIRABLE AND LEAVE AN AFTEREFFECTS OF SO MANY EMOTIONS WHICH WILL STORED DEEP IN YOUR HEART. It is hard to forget this story!!! 100000%% recommended 😭😭😭😭🔥💖💖💖 THANK YOU AUTHORSAN! I HOPE YOU WILL WRITE A BOOK MORE ABOUT THEM! 😭😭😭😭


The only good books are the ones that have you emotionally attached to them. If they don't have you excited, happy, crying, or won't to fight someone then it's an 'ok' or bad book. This book had my emotions messed up. I cried for 2 hour on a school night when I finished this book.


Hi, I just want to say that the only reason I'm in Webnovel right now is because of this series. I can't be persuaded easily but this one is an exception. Ashley is a great story teller, there's no bad thing that I can say when it comes to her previous books in this series. I can feel what she writes and its always a strong emotion that I love feeling. There's always room for improvement and I can only imagine what she stores for us in the future. 💜


I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!乂❤‿❤乂 Its neat and nice and my favorite book right along with Heide and the Lord. Im still reading the one with katie in it but i love all the books plus im a #rr


This story needs to be published, that's how good this story line is. The character development and depth are simply amazing added to the fact that I an in love with both the leads. Their story is tragic, beautiful, and something to look up to. After finishing this story I can't even fathom at how I am supposed to move on. The emptiness after finishing every story was moreso in this one than any other. I thank the author for their blood, sweat, amd tears. NOW GIVE ME BACK ALL MY EMOTIONS YOU PULLED FROM ME.


I love the story... Read the 1st and 2nd. Now reading the 3rd collection on the series. Better to read Valerian Empire then Heidi and the Lord. And finally Bambi and the Duke... You will be hooked. Don't read this 1st as it si still ongoing. The other 2 novels have completed their stories. Can't wait for the next episode... It is a long wait caused it is not published everyday. If you still love the story after waiting and anticipation, you are truly hooked... Enjoy!


I wish it could be also aploded as comic this book is amazing like WoW . I love the title it's such a good novel keep up the good work I support you


I really like this book. It's really good. The writing style engages the reader and the plot and events hook on the reader. I see people complain about bot but I think they misunderstood. This book was originally on wattpad so that's where most the readers are coming from, just to clear up some confusion.


A real tearjerker. Duke Leonard & Vivian’s unconditional love will tug on your heartstrings through and through. 🦌🖤🦁 A very emotional ride brought to you by the awesome Ash_knight17. 🖤


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