130 Pool of blood- Part 4

"P-punish?" she stuttered, "I didn't do anything."

He leaned forward, his lips touching the outer shell of her ear which brought little shocks of pleasure when he spoke next to it, "Maybe that's the problem here," she flinched when his teeth nipped her ear lobe, "Let's go a more private place."

He pulled back to see Vivian flushed, words not coming out of her mouth. He slipped his hand on hers to catch hold of it, pulling her from the room and taking her up to his room where the door was initially closed. She followed him like any other time without a question, her heart beating and no words of refusal on her lips.

Stepping inside the room, Leo still held her hand without letting it go as he turned the knob of his room to lock the door. When his hand loosened on her momentarily, she pulled her hand for it to be only caught by her wrist. He pulled her, crashing her front to his chest.

"Where do you think you're running away so quickly, Bambi?"


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