118 Love rival- Part 4

Leonard walked down the stairs, making his way to his study room he opened the door to find his uncle sitting with his back facing him.

Sullivan was his father's younger brother. A man who looked no less than thirty in a human's eyes while he was triple the age of what he seemed to appear to be. Compared to Leonard's blonde hair which was smooth and clean that had a warm colour to it, Sullivan Carmichael had much more of dirty blonde hair which was mostly combed behind with a few strands of hair that came to fall on either side of the head.

"I see you have company," his uncle commented without turning behind as his eyes were fixated on the parchment that he had picked out of boredom.

"Good afternoon, uncle Sullivan. Yes, the lady fell asleep and I thought it would be better to let her rest," his reply being truthful to which his uncle smiled.


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