202 Box of potions- Part 2

Vivian wasn't sure about placing her hands on something so fragile right now. Yesterday when Leonard had been inspecting the body, she had wanted to touch and see if there was anything that she could learn from it as the objects in the house wasn't much of help. It was as if she had been touching nothing to get no memories, like a black blinded light which gave out nothing.

"The body will be taken out. There shouldn't be much problem," she heard Leo speak next to her when her eyes were on the turned man. 

Murk, the doctor wondered why the duke had asked the lady to check when he had done the job already and if they hadn't noticed and heard what he had said, touching the body had with a little amount of force had got him the leg of the man with his boot which now smelled. Did they not believe in his work? With a hint of arrogance, he watched the lady step forward to the table where the man had been tied. 


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