46 Fashion Show (2)

Zero could manage the fourth outfit himself. It was a comfortable sleepwear called pyjamas. It really was a squirrel onesie though. All Zero had to do was slip his legs in and pull up the zipper all the way. He didn't have to worry about feeling cold as the only thing exposed was his face. Then again, the hood was really large so Zero didn't think it was possible to feel cold at all.

The next outfit was something more normal. It was the same thing that Zero had worn to the Mega Gourmet competition. This time, the shirt had been cleaned and showed a lovely sky blue. It had collars and some buttons at the top but luckily, Zero didn't have to deal with them. He left two buttons open and slipped his head through the hole. The long pants were called jeans and this outfit came with sneakers. Those strings called shoelaces were tricky to tie. Even after three times of demonstration, Zero still couldn't understand how to tie them right. Also, it was difficult to tell the left shoe from the right. He had to take them off and swap them after Truen noticed how he walked funny. The goddesses nodded in approval and had quickly changed to the next set.

By now, Zero was used to seeing clothes that covered him from top to toe. However, the new outfit was something close to the underwear he wore on the inside of all those clothes.

"I don't need to wear underwear in this?"

Truen chuckled and shook his head. "No, this is a bathing suit."

"But it's just a tiny short!"

The wood elf sighed. "Yes, it is. This is meant for you to go in the water. If you wore more, it would be very heavy and difficult to swim."

Zero was confused but Truen promised that he will take him swimming one day so that Zero will have the chance to understand why a bathing suit was necessary.

The goddesses passed Zero some bulky but light plastic devices called 'floats' and a strange eyewear called goggles to pose for the pictures. Zero didn't protest, only wanting to finish trying the rest of the clothes and take a break.

They got to the last outfit finally but the sight of it stunned both Truen and Zero. It was a pink frilly dress paired with dainty high heels and a blonde wig.

"Uh, goddesses? I think there was a mistake with the order. This is a girl's dress."

Freya only smiled. "No, it's not."


"Zero might need to disguise as a girl in emergency situations so we thought to include it too. Besides, with such an adorable avatar, nobody will suspect a thing!"

Truen wanted to protest but En stopped him. "Just do it. The sooner he wears this, the sooner we leave."

The bodyguard gulped. The goddesses gave Truen a stare that promised pain if he didn't hurry. He could only apologise to Zero and plead the child to wear it. Zero didn't protest much but he kept complaining that the wig itched and the long strands kept poking his eye.

When the curtains were drawn, the goddesses forgot to breathe at the sight before them. Teary-eyed, cheeks flushed and simply downright lovable was Zero with his large brown eyes in a pink dress. The wig made him look like a princess and all at once, they took pictures from all angles. This was perfect!

Under Zero's grumpy whining, the goddesses finally relented and allowed Zero to wear his tracksuit to meet Zeus and the rest of the Gods. They were finally going to visit the House of the Great Gods.

While the goddesses packed, En patted Truen on the back.

"King Yama, could I trouble you with one last thing before we leave?"

En nodded. "If it is within my abilities."

Truen nearly cried there and then. "Please put anti-theft enchantments on all these clothes! I don't want to see an underwear thief turning into an all-powerful world destroyer looking like a pervert."

For a moment, En tried to visualise it. He shuddered violently and swore that after he was done, no underwear thieves will ever get their hands on any of Zero's clothes.

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