1 Beginning

"Thank you, Aunt Wang!" Bai Ling collected the basket from the woman and turned to leave.

Bai Ling lived in the secluded Fang Yu village. There weren't a lot of young people there, so she had to do the errands. Her grandmother was the only other member of her family, so she had to do the heavy lifting.

Her parents left when she was three to live a better life in the capital city. They promised to visit every six months, but after the first two times, Bai Ling never heard of them again.

When she turned ten, her father told her that he remarried and had a new family. With no remorse, he told her that she must live well since it would be inconvenient for him to carry her there.

That was the last time Bai Ling heard from any of her parents. She did not understand why she couldn't live with her father and cried herself to sleep that night.

Now that she was twelve, Bai Ling had to be more independent. She vowed to succeed in life so she can provide for her grandmother.

While walking home, Bai Ling saw her friend Gao Mei.

"Bai Ling! Did you visit Aunt Wang?" Gao Mei eyed the bountiful harvest in Bai Ling's hand. She immediately became envious of Bai Ling.

Gao Mei had always been jealous of Bai Ling. She hated how beautiful she was and graceful she was. As country folks, they did not have time to look after her beauty. However, Bai Ling was beautiful despite the harsh weather, working conditions and lack of beauty products.

She always looked like a fresh flower budding in the spring.

Bai Ling did not know that Gao Mei felt this way. In her mind, Gao Mei was her only friend that was akin to family. Since she was abandoned once, Bai Ling treasured the friendship she had with Gao Mei.

"Yes, she gave me a lot since my grandma can no longer work in the fields." Gao Mei nodded her head in understanding, but she was sneering on the inside. You are only that lucky because of your face.

"That's right; she has to rest more now. My family will send you some things as well." Gao Mei did not plan on sending anything; she was only paying lip service.

Bai Ling smiled at her friend with gratitude in her eyes. The two said their goodbyes then separated.

Bai Ling went up the hill towards her grandmother with the heavy basket. When Bai Ling entered their home, her grandmother was already plating their dinner. The lovely smell greeted Bai Ling at the door.

"Grandma!" The old lady jumped a bit at Bai Ling's voice. Bai Ling left the basket at the door and marched up to her grandmother. "Do you know what your fault is?"

As Bai Ling stared her down, Huo Ming smiled sheepishly. Her Granddaughter told her to rest, but how could she? She was hoping to finish plating before she came, so she only had to sit and eat.

Bai Ling was the sole breadwinner of the family, but she was only twelve! This was a stone on her heart since she could no longer provide for her. After her useless daughter ran away, she felt it was her responsibility to provide for Bai Ling.

The only comfort in the situation was that her son-in-law dumped the ungrateful woman.

"I know. I know. But what can be done? The food is already prepared." Shaking her head, Bai Ling went share the rest of the food. She did not know what to do with her grandmother.

"The next time you do this, I will be angry at you!" Huo Ming smiled and nodded at her to appease her.

"Yes! Yes! I will keep still next time." Joy was evident in the older woman's eyes as she looked at her grandchild. She couldn't have been more thankful that the heavens gave her such a gem.

While the two were having a merry afternoon, Gao Mei was up to no good. She overheard a conversation between her parents that set her over the edge. Apparently, the Fengs, the most prosperous family in the village, wanted Bai Ling to be their daughter in law.

Their son, Feng Shaoli, was coming back to settle down, and they wanted to find the perfect match for him. Gao Mei had her eyes set on him since they were kids and now that he finished high school in the nearby cities, he was coming back.

Hearing that he was going to be marrying Bai Ling and not her, she was furious. She couldn't understand how Bai Ling was better than her. A person's face was not everything, so why was she not even considered?

Bai Ling was an abandoned child, and she had her family. Just that alone made her a lot better. Gao Mei could not stand this decision. She wanted to make sure Bai Ling was ruined before the announcement of the engagement even started.

She did not have a method of how to do so. Feeling frustrated, Gao Mei left the house that night.

Outside, in the full moon, Gao Mei let out an angry scream. Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought of Bai Ling getting married to her first love.

She had to do something! Thinking about how beautiful Bai Ling was, she had an idea. A bright smile covered Gao Mei's face as she moved through the fields with great speed.

When she arrived home, she wrote two letters to the two perverts living in the village.

'My name is Bai Ling. I have admired you for a long time....'

You wait, Bai Ling, your time is up!

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